November 2016 No. 71 Vol. 11


Industry Feedback: CIPP Help Wanted

I would like to introduce you to Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Sewer Lining Program. Over the past several years our annual Sewer Lining budget has grown from $1 million to approximately $4 million in 2016 for CIPP contracts. CIPP continues to be SPU’s method of choice to rehabilitate our ageing pipe infrastructure. Driven by our Consent Decree, our budget is projected to increase substantially in the coming years.

Specifically, the January 2017 SPU will put approximately $6 million in lining contracts out to bid. One contract will be $4 million and the other $2 million, with work occurring concurrently throughout 2017. It is also anticipated that in January 2018 we will put another $6 million to bid and in January 2019 we will put $8 million to bid. Our forecasted budget continues this trend as we project to deliver over $10 million in annual contracts between 2020 and 2022.

SPU would like to work with our contracting community to ensure we can execute these lining contracts. It is our desire to appeal to national and regional construction firms to bid on our projects. We also aim to assist smaller and less-experienced contractors to participate in our program by putting out smaller contracts.

We are working hard on our program to make doing business with the city of Seattle more enticing to the contracting community. Our goals are to provide consistent and reasonable specifications, to work with the contractor to provide predictable yet flexible project schedules, to provide innovation (we will allow use of UV cure CIPP in our next contract), and to continue to work with SDOT regarding our traffic control plans and street use permit requirements.

In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to you to discuss our program in more detail. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Reed Blanchard, Sewer Rehab Program Manager for Deliver at (206) 684-5946. Thank you.

Melina Thung
Interim Director
Seattle Public Utilities

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