October 2016 Vol. 71 No. 10


Composite Manhole Ring, Cover Offers Watertight Sewer Solution

A first look at new products and technologyBy Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

A new composite manhole ring and cover described as a key component in achieving a watertight sanitary sewer collection system, has been introduced by BlueGreen Municipal Solutions.

The new Sewper Cover manhole ring and cover is made entirely of composite materials that will not corrode, said Eric Dupre’, president of North American sales.

“Sewper manhole rings and covers not only are corrosion free,” said Drupe’, “they create an effective seal to prevent leaking, are lightweight for safer handling and installation, are strong and durable, and rated to the weight of overhead street traffic. They are fireproof and bullet proof, and because they contain no metal, have zero value for thieves. It is a ‘green’ product, made of recycled materials.”

The Sewper manhole cover system was introduced to the market in September and is now available.

“Cast iron manhole covers often are the first to be affected by hydrogen sulfide and other gases that degrade and rust metal. Our new non-metallic, composite covers and rings remove the problem of corrosion right out of the equation. They wear longer, look better and can even be customized with logos and colors,” said Dupre’.


Sewper covers, Dupre’ said, cost less, seal better and last longer. Their lighter weight makes them easier and less expensive to transport, along with safer to install than heavy cast iron products. The double-hinge cover opens to 180 degrees for easy access. The installation process is the same as it is with conventional products.

“Our Sewper Cover gasketed and sealed non-metallic composite manhole cover ranked the highest in a side-by-side gallon-per-minute (gpm) leak test, with as low as 0.70 gpm versus 10 to 120 gpm for vented and sealed cast-iron manhole units. In a 24- hour rain event, a single manhole cover would produce around 175,000 gallons at 120 gpm versus less than 1,000 gallons with our product.

“The research was part of an EPA test conducted by a third-party system owner and observed by a third-party engineering firm.”

Dupre’ said numerous studies document the serious need for rehabilitating the nation’s sanitary sewer infrastructure, and manholes are a critical part of the problem.

“Sewper Cover gasketed composite manhole covers are a perfect solution for municipalities everywhere to help address this serious infrastructure problem,” he said.

Based in Houston, TX, BlueGreen Municipal Solutions offers specialized products, equipment and support services to address multiple challenges to underground infrastructure. The company also provides condition assessment, asset management and rehabilitation consulting services.

BlueGreen Municipal Solutions, (832) 384-5542, sewpercover.com or bluegreenmunicipal.com

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