April 2017 Vol. 72 No. 4

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Vac-Tron Equipment Develops Game Changer In Micro Trenching

Primarily an installation method for fiber networks, micro trenching involves cutting a narrow and relatively shallow trench, usually on an asphalt roadway. During the process, a vacuum system connected to the cutter wheel cleanly diverts and transports debris away from the worksite. Once the conduit is laid, the trench is backfilled with a grout compound.

Advantages of micro trenching include increased installation production and reduced backfill costs associated with the minimal cutting width; avoidance of existing utilities, due to the shallow-depth placement; and a cleaner job site, thanks to the vacuum spoil that removes debris.

Vac-Tron’s LP 573 SGT goes one step further in the cleanup process. A specialized filter (patent pending) inside the vacuum excavator unit’s debris tank eliminates the need to add water to the micro trenching process and keeps excessive material from reaching the cyclone separator. As a result, there is no need to stop and cleanout the cyclone or unclog the exit hose from the debris tank due to caked material. Ultimately this will reduce cleanup time during the trench run.

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