August 2017 Vol. 72 No. 8


HydraTech Enhances Internal Joint Seal

The HydraTite internal joint seal, manufactured by HydraTech Engineered Products LLC, has a long and proven history for repairing leaking joints in man-entry sized piping. When joints in box culverts, tunnels, conduits or other structures with non-circular or -elliptical profiles need repair, however, the internal joint seal was seldom considered as a viable remedy – until now.

Based on the same materials and methods that enable the HydraTite seal to be used in potable water applications, it can be custom-designed to adapt to joints in rectangular and irregular-shaped structures. It provides a water-tight seal on either side of the defective joint by compressing an extruded EPDM membrane against the host concrete structure with stainless steel retaining bands.

Compression of the EPDM seal is achieved by expanding the retaining bands, in combination with anchor plates positioned along the straight runs of the structure. Wedge anchors provide the necessary pressure for compressing the rubber seal along the straight horizontal and vertical runs of the structure. Corners or any angles are contoured to a radius to provide a rounded transition to the adjacent perpendicular surfaces.

Eliminating the need to hand form corners to the required radius, HydraTech offers the option of fabricated stainless steel corner forms or extruded EPDM rubber profiles, when inside 90-degree corners are involved. For the majority of applications involving water, wastewater or stormwater conveyance, the EPDM seal is shop vulcanized to accommodate the structure’s inside circumference. On applications involving conduit, piping or other utility and equipment interferences, the EPDM rubber may be vulcanized or bonded in the field to enable installation around .the obstructions.

Similar to installing a seal in a pipe or elliptical structure, there are size limitations with HydraTite applications in a rectangular or irregular shapes. The structure must be large enough for man-entry and provide adequate clearance to ensure installation is conducted in a safe manner.

HydraTite is a reliable way to repair leaks in pressurized systems and prevent infiltration to buried infrastructure.  It’s also a long-term solution, compared to alternative methods using sealants, grouts, mastics and other fillers that rely heavily on proper surface preparation and bonding, which can be challenging in buried applications.

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