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TTC Celebrates 10-Year Partnership With China For Trenchless R&D

For 27 years, the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC), an industry/university/government research center at Louisiana Tech University, has served as a global leader for the development of technologies influencing almost every aspect of trenchless construction methods.  In April, the TTC’s Dr. Thomas Iseley hosted a 14-member China delegation to celebrate the 10-year TTC Partnership with the China-U.S. Joint Center for Trenchless Research and Development (TRD).

On April 7, the Chinese delegation had a lunch meeting with Shreveport, LA, Mayor Ollie Tyler and the Program Management Team (PMT) leaders of the city. This program was sponsored by CDM Smith, the program manager. Walter Carpenter, CDM Smith, made a presentation on how the firm is assisting Shreveport to meet the objectives and milestones of a Federal

Consent Decree. He described how trenchless technologies are critical to meeting those challenges.

Dr. Ma Baosong, professor at the China University of Geosciences, provided an overview of the China Delegation program and the China-U.S. Joint Center for Trenchless Research and Development program. The Chinese delegation also toured TTC’s state-of-the-art facility in the South Campus of Louisiana Tech University to become more familiar with the TTC operation and research program.

A banquet was held on at the Davison Athletics Complex, where Louisiana Tech President Dr. Leslie Guice introduced Dr. Bill Marcuson as guest speaker. Marcuson is the past president of the American Society for Civil Engineers. Also, addressing the group was Dr. Baosong who discussed trenchless technology developments in China.

The official celebration of the 10-year TTC Partnership with the China-U.S. Joint Center for TRD will be held on October 2017 in conjunction with the International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology (ICPTT) in China.

TTC has strengthened its international leadership during the past few years. In China, the TTC has established agreements with the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an (XJTU), Institute of Geosciences and Environment in Wuhan, and Tianjin Qingcheng Water. Programs identified for potential funding include the Sponge City Program, utility tunnels, pipeline seismic analysis, smart pipeline networks, etc.

In partnership with XJTU, Iseley has been a guest lecturer there on trenchless technology and received a three-year Adjunct Professor appointment from the president of XJTU, Dr. Shuguo Wang. The TTC is collaborating with the China University of Geosciences (CUG) in Wuhan, on research projects. Recently, Peng Zhan, a Ph.D. candidate in geological engineering at the CUG, joined the TTC to complete his research. His research topic is focused on the largest curved pipe jacking roof support structure to date which is currently being constructed in Zhuhai, China. This tunnel project consists of 36 pipelines installed by microtunneling.

In addition, the TTC hosted a Visiting Scholar from China, who is the director of construction engineering teaching and research section at Hubei Urban Construction Vocational and Technological College. Two more Visiting Scholars will join the TTC this summer from Chengdu University of Technology and the Southwest Petroleum University, China.

The TTC also has a memorandum of understanding with Tianjin Qingcheng Waterworks Engineering Co., Ltd. (TQCW), and Tianjin Hua Miao Research and Design Institute of Water and Wastewater Co., Ltd. TQCW has purchased over 12, 200 square feet of prime office space in the prestigious business district of Tianjin, China. Tianjin is a neighboring mega-city to Beijing. This space has been dedicated to the Trenchless Technology Center – Tianjin (TTC-TJ) through the MoU partnership agreement.

Iseley also participated in the “Planning, Construction and Operation of Common Utility Corridors” ITACET Conference in Chengdu, China, in April, along with Dr. Robert Stein (Stein & Partner). In August 2016, the TTC and Stein & Partner based in Bochum, Germany, entered into an agreement to expand the awareness of the UNITRACC (Underground Infrastructure Training and Competence Centre) training and learning programs.

For more information:
Tom Iseley, dtiseley@latech.edu

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