March 2017 Vol. 72 No. 3

New Products

Prime Horizontal Unveils Automated HDD Measuring, Logging System

Prime Horizontal has introduced MudVis, an automated horizontal directional drilling (HDD) mud viscosity and specific gravity measuring and logging system.

“Connected to the mud tank, MudVis samples fluid stock or mixing tank mud at preset intervals, logging specific gravity and viscosity values, and displaying information on a bright, sunlight viewable LCD screen,” said Simon Kench, Prime Horizontal Ltd., managing director. “Information also can be accessed by WiFi-enabled smart phones, tablets and laptop computers.”

MudVis was introduced to the United States at the 2017 UCT in Fort Worth, TX, and is available through Prime Horizontal Inc., New Iberia, LA.

“MudVis was designed specifically for the HDD industry,” said Kench. “It is in use in Europe, and we are pleased to make it available to the U.S. market.”


Kench said MudVis offers several benefits to drilling operations:

  • Real-time, automated viscosity measurements assist mud engineers during the mixing process.
  • Mud weight is easily tracked throughout drilling, hole opening and pipe pulling processes.
  • Monitoring is accessible by WiFi-equipped mobile devices.
  • Logged data are available for mud mixing reports and can be downloaded via WiFi for logging reports and analysis.
  • Information helps drillers react quickly to changing soil conditions.
  • MudVis is user friendly, self-calibrating and requires low maintenance.

Dimensions of the MudVis unit are 12 by 18 by 22 inches. Its dry weight is 66 pounds.

Based in the Netherlands, Prime Horizontal Ltd. is a leading provider of HDD guidance services, ranging from the challenging world record intersect of 13,000 feet to shorter crossings, is the co- developer of the ParaTrack magnetic guidance system, and also provides a variety of HDD downhole drilling tools, including mud motors, drill bits, reamers and hole openers. In 2009, Prime Horizontal introduced ProData, a system for the real-time, graphical display and data transmission of HDD rig drilling parameters at the drill site.

In 2010, Prime Horizontal expanded its market to the United States with the opening of its Louisiana facility, and in 2016 expanded operations into Canada.

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