November 2017 Vol. 72 No. 11

New Products

Melfred Borzall

Melfred Borzall’s new Black Diamond directional blade cuts through the competition. Not only does it increase drilling efficiency inhard-ground conditions, but it  also addresses everyday production-draining issues such as blade drag, carbide wear and pullback efficiency.

This new blade design is tougher and smarter. It features a single, front-end domed carbide for blunt force that extends the blade’s overall life, new diamond-shaped carbides on the front sides that aggressively tear through hard ground conditions, and low-profile diamond carbides near the rear to minimize drag.

The continuous perimeter of carbides give the blade a mean look with a lethal bite, while seamlessly reinforced with chunky carbide hard-facing the entire length of the blade. It’s compatible with most OEM drill rigs.

Another innovation, the new Super Eagle Claw, updates HDD’s most-popular rock tool. Although the standard Eagle Claw has become the universal favorite of drillers in most ground conditions, the original design was geared towards tackling hard, rocky soil. The new Super Eagle Claw ramps up that ability to a new level.

Incorporating additional cutter block in strategic, high-wear areas of the bit provides an extra layer of cutting power, sustained durability for a longer life, and additional power on pullback. Added protection is Melfred Borzall’s famous chunky hard-facing to the three main cutter teeth.

Availability in several sizes makes the Super Eagle Claw a versatile bit. More versatility comes from integrating it into the patented FastBack system via the Eagle Eye tool, which allows for direct pullback without removing the bit. There’s no need for heavy wrenches or large pits; simply seat the Eagle Eye onto the Super Eagle Claw, attach cutter blocks with two bolts and you’re ready to start the pullback.

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