November 2017 Vol. 72 No. 11

New Products


QuickConnect, LLC introduced a new line of universal pull heads, pull collars and multi-pipe pullers that make life easier and more efficient for trenchless operators. The products are available for both purchase and distribution.

The universal pullhead eliminates the need for multiple pullheads and attachments to accommodate different pipe types or trenchless applications. This ensures the right pulling tools for each project – HDD, pipe bursting or any other method – are always close at hand, saving contractors both time and money.

The pullhead for HDPE pipe keeps mud and drilling fluids out, accommodates both IPS and DIPS pipe diameters and is designed to withstand forces in excess of two times maximum pull force, depending on product pipe.

The QuickConnect Universal Pull Head Collar is designed to create a closed seal to keep drilling fluids clear of the pipe, and make the connection process with FPVC or PVC fast and easy.

The QuickConnect Universal Multi-Pipe Puller Pull allows drillers to configure multiple pipes – gas, telecom and electric conduits – without needing additional cable pullers, creating convenience and time savings on the job site.

West Concord, MN based QuickConnect brings years of practical experience to  engineer products that solve common problems contractors face on the job site each and every day.

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