November 2017 Vol. 72 No. 11

New Products

Vulcan Pumps

The Vulcan Universal Pump design is a revolution in vacuum technology. Based on air-flow technology, it converts pressure energy into velocity energy that collects and transports material over long distances through easy-to-handle 3- or 4-inch-diameter hoses and pipes.

The vacuum system can easily and safely excavate around buried utility lines to replace or repair without any damage. And it’s explosion proof, making it ideally suited for excavating natural gas lines.

The Ferret Vacuum offers a simple solution for cleaning up spills and excavating material, such as chemicals; water and fluids; minerals; mud, rock, dirt and much; and roofing rock, in all types of weather powered by customers portable air compressors.

Equipment can be mounted on the back of a pickup truck, skid, or trailer and is powered by the customer’s portable air compressor. And with no moving parts – no timing gears, blower lobes, liquid rings or rotating belts – the pump is virtually maintenance free and requires no skilled labor to operate it.

In addition to the Ferret, two other sizes are available, the Mini Ferret and Rhino, to fit contractors’ and utility companies’ desired application.

Vulcan Pumps LLC, a division of Brownlee-Morrow Enterprises Inc., is a Birmingham, AL, supplier of wide-ranging products – pumps, metering and control equipment – and custom solutions for industrial processes, especially pumping abrasive and corrosive liquids. (800) 624-7069,

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