April 2018 Vol. 73 No. 4

New Products

Elgin Introduces Vertical Cuttings Dryer For HDD Fluid Management System

Elgin Separation Solutions has introduced a new waste drilling fluid management system for the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry.

What sets Elgin’s CSI-D4 Waste Management System apart from conventional fluid cleaning equipment is a fully integrated vertical cuttings dryer (VCD), explained Raymond Pietramale, the company’s administrative sales and marketing manager.
The CSI-D4 is the industry’s most sophisticated waste solids management system available. Its primary benefit is reduction of disposal costs.

“This system is capable of processing 40 to 80 tons per hour, reducing waste solids moisture by 90 percent,” said Pietramale. “This allows recovery of thousands of gallons of drilling fluid and/or water that would normally be disposed of with the waste cuttings. Further, by dewatering the waste solids, waste disposal trucking fees are dramatically reduced, almost by half in some cases. Finally, by removing the free liquids, solids do not need to be stabilized with polymer binders or stabilization agents.
“The combination of these three factors results in a system that can pay for itself within the first year of deployment.”


Until recently, vertical cuttings dryers have primarily been deployed in the oil and gas industry.

“The screening technology used in VCDs is designed for oil-based cuttings and has an average life-span of 30 days,” Pietramale added. “Typical water-based waste cuttings found in the HDD industry are more abrasive and decrease the life of a VCD screen by almost 75 percent; clay-based cuttings blind the screen, decreasing performance. This creates a highly consumable replacement part – the VCD screen – and this is the primary reason VCDs have not been successful in the trenchless industry.

“Elgin has solved that problem with proprietary screen technology and a direct-drive, dual-motor, variable-frequency driven vertical cuttings dryer. The system is the only one on the market with our patented VCD technology.”

Elgin manufactures two sizes of VCD systems – the CSI-D4 suited for large HDD equipment and the CSI-D3 for mid-size drills. However, selection of the VCD unit is more dependent on length of bore and volume of cuttings than size of drill rig, Pietramale pointed out.
Elgin VCD systems are available for order directly from Elgin.

“This is not an item we build to keep in inventory, ready to ship,” he said.  “The complete system is made up of several components individually manufactured and sold by Elgin. The centerpiece of the waste management system is the vertical cuttings dryer. Elgin VCD technology is in use worldwide, and this component can be purchased individually.”

System elements

A system can include onboard lighting, pumps, conveyors and the VCD. Safety interlocks have been programmed directly into the system’s PLC to provide the highest level of system protection. Elgin’s CSI-D4 fully integrated VCD Package can be built on a rugged skid or on a platform for trailers. Both configurations include a maintenance and service deck to support the VCD, feed hopper and centrate tank. A complete staircase is provided, along with a secondary emergency ladder. All decks and stairs have OSHA compliant railings. All components are controlled from a centralized, touch-screen control system.

“No other system in the market can achieve the results provided by Elgin’s CSI-D4 fully integrated VCD package,” concluded Pietramale. “More importantly, no other system in the market provides this level of turnkey integration.”

Founded in 1864 in Elgin, Ill., the company has evolved into a worldwide leader in design, manufacture and service of specialized processing equipment for the oil and gas, mining, coal, aggregates, minerals, water and pipeline construction industries
Today Elgin has three specialized divisions; Elgin Separation Solutions (liquid separation), Elgin Separation Solutions (solid separations) and Elgin Power Solutions.

Elgin maintains several operations in the United States, India, Abu Dhabi, Canada and Russia, with an agent network operating in an additional 10 countries.

Elgin Separation Solutions,
(281) 261-5778,

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