December 2018 No. 73 Vol. 12


Like New: Volvo Certified Used Program

Volvo Construction Equipment is partnering with its dealers to offer a used equipment program that allows contractors to get the high-quality machines Volvo is known for, with the assurance that the equipment is in great condition.

“As customers look to lower their total cost of ownership, the demand for pre-owned equipment has grown greatly in recent years,” said Tara Stryker, director of remarketing at Volvo Construction Equipment. “The used equipment available to customers covers the breadth of our product lines, from excavators to wheel loaders to paving equipment to attachments and more.”

To be classified as Volvo Certified, a machine is tested and refurbished using Genuine Volvo parts and components. These machines come with a 24-hour parts guarantee (48 hours in Hawaii and Canada) for Class 1 parts. The second tier of used equipment, Volvo Certified Engine Ready, includes machines destined for work in less-regulated markets outside of the United States and Europe.

Compatible machines in the Volvo Certified tier come with a one-year subscription to ActiveCare Direct, the Volvo telematics service that provides 24/7/365 machine monitoring and fleet utilization reporting directly from Volvo. Volvo Certified machines also qualify for Volvo’s lifetime frame warranty, the only in the industry to cover used equipment.

The new Volvo program reflects a larger business strategy to increase the machines’ residual value on the used market. Essentially, the equipment is worth more if it has been inspected and/or certified with the OEM’s involvement.

It gives Volvo CE and its dealer network another touch point to communicate with customers and foster long-term relationships. The strategy also enables Volvo CE to gain more control over the lifecycle of its products, as the Volvo Certified Used centers will feature reconditioning facilities in which dealers will perform the work themselves.

For customers, the benefit is clear. They can purchase machines with full knowledge of their condition from trusted dealers they know and rely on, taking the “guess work” out of other used purchasing options, like auction purchases, where “as-is” often contains surprises. If there are any issues with the equipment, customers can return to the OEM-appointed dealer for service.

Updated Site Simulation Helps Maximize Productivity, Lower Costs

The next-generation Volvo Site Simulation uses enhanced real-time data to analyze customers’ worksite conditions and operational goals, and offers advice to help optimize site productivity and maximize profitability.

“We can maximize productivity for our customers by recommending the most profitable fleet of equipment and project results based on what metrics the customer is looking to improve. This could be cost per ton or tons per gallon, to a complete total cost of ownership analysis,” said Robert Palermo, product manager, Volvo Construction Equipment.

Volvo Site Simulation is available at no charge to new and existing Volvo customers, in partnership with their local Volvo CE dealer.
Using Site Simulation, customers and dealers can work together to put a reliable plan in place before a project begins or refine an existing operation. Enhanced GPS tracking and real-time data collection means fewer inputs are required to run a simulation. From payload and travel gradients, to distance between two points, Volvo considers multiple factors to recommend site configurations that achieve shorter cycle times and maximum production.

Users get detailed projections of owning and operating costs via easy-to-read reports and on-screen animations. Recommendations on alternative configurations, as well as insights on overall costs, give customers tools to develop strong forecasts, budgets and bids, and take more control of their operations.

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