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Derrick’s Pyramid Plus Screens Increase Solids Removal for HDD

Derrick Equipment Co. has introduced a new screen for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluid recycling systems that produces increased solids removal efficiency and finer particle separation.

The Pyramid Plus screen uses Derrick’s patented three-dimensional “pyramid” design that increases the non-blanked open area (NBOA) of the screen where fluids pass through. These screens have taller pyramids (1.5 inches) than the .75-inch pyramids on standard Pyramid screens.

”Pyramid Plus screens provide increased NBOA of up to 184 percent, compared to conventional flat screens,” said Ben Clark, Derrick global manager-civil. Fluid-handling capacity is increased up to 125 percent with Pyramid Plus over standard Pyramid screens.

“Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens enable shakers to make separations as fine as 40 microns and typically screen one to two API sizes finer than traditional, perforated plate, flat screen panels, maximizing solids removal efficiency of the shaker,” he added.

Gravity and vibration force the solids into the corrugated screen’s troughs allowing more fluid to pass through the top of the screen.
Less fluid loss

Pyramid screens minimize fluid loss by dispersing thinner layers of fluid over an increased screen area, resulting in a more effective and faster drying capability.
“Combined,” said Clark, “these benefits give drillers the ability to effectively process mud returns with less equipment, and increases shaker capacity, provides drier cuttings, and reduces mud and chemical disposal costs.”

Pyramid Plus screens are available now exclusively from Derrick. The primary underground construction application for Pyramid Plus is HDD. The screens are widely used in the oil and gas and mining industries.

Headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., Derrick was founded in 1951, and operates its oil, gas and underground construction division in Houston. It is a family-owned and -operated company with a global presence focused on pioneering fine-separation technology. Since 1988, Derrick has manufactured innovative solids-control technologies for the civil and underground construction industries with around-the-clock, award-winning service.

Derrick Equipment Company,
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