December 2018 No. 73 Vol. 12

New Products

McElroy Introduces Acrobat with QuikFit Carriage

New sizes to McElroy’s Acrobat machine line feature the revolutionary QuikFit carriage, which allows operators to meet the challenges of fusing large-diameter polypropylene pipe in close-quarter working environments.

“Acrobat with QuikFit carriages provides a solution through a modular single-size jaw design that is going to make a huge difference in how large-diameter polypropylene pipe is installed,” said Paul Donaldson, manager of mechanical engineering at McElroy. “The beauty of this design is that it simplifies the fusion process to help serve the needs of the plumbing, mechanical and HVAC industry.”

The new machines, which fuse 14- to 24-inch polypropylene pipe, are in response to industry demand for lightweight, large-diameter butt fusion equipment that makes overhead pipe installations safer and more efficient. McElroy took on the challenge by custom designing the Acrobat with QuikFit carriage to break down into multiple components, reducing weight and size.

Being able to assemble the upper and lower jaws of the carriage around the pipe by hand eliminates the need for extra equipment and manpower required to lift and fit an entire carriage into a cramped space. The carriage is half the weight of alternative machines and can be arranged in 4-, 3- and 2-jaw configurations for an even smaller footprint.

McElroy, (918) 836-8611,

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