April 2019 Vol. 74 No. 4


First Look: Loki Locator Designed For Utility Construction

Jeff Griffin  |  Senior Editor

Schonstedt Instrument Co. has introduced a new underground utility pipe and cable locator designed to “sweep” large areas for the presence of buried assets.















The Loki locator is available from Schonstedt’s network of dealers and distributors.

“Loki is designed for utilities and construction crews seeking a user-friendly, lower-cost locating solution,” said Wendy Hart, Schonstedt director of marketing. “Loki is a multi-frequency locator that operates in active, inductive, sonde and passive modes. It is the first Schonstedt pipe and cable locator with a ‘dual mode’ feature allowing the receiver to simultaneously scan for the transmitter’s signal and passive/power signals.”

Hart said other important features are ShallowAlert, which provides visual and audio warnings that shallow cables are present, and NoiseProtect which allows the operator to locate pipes and cables in electrically noisy environments, such as near power substations and overhead high-voltage cables. The feature identifies and automatically rejects electrical interference that may otherwise overload the Loki receiver’s electronics.

Loki is available in two versions: one for construction and one for utilities. Optimized for excavation and construction contractors, the contractor model has 512 Hz, 8 kHz and 131 kHz frequencies. Built for detecting and tracing buried water/drain pipes and telecom ducts, the utilities model has 512 Hz, 8 kHz and 82 kHz frequencies. The utility model can also be used to locate multiple sonde frequencies.

“While Loki is rich in features,” Hart concluded, “it also is worth noting that the price of this product is lower than other products in our current pipe and cable locator product line.”

Based in Kearneysville, W. Va., Schonstedt markets utility pipe and cable locator and magnetic locators to find markers, septic tanks and other ferrous iron and steel objects.

Schonstedt Instrument Co. is a brand of Radiodetection Ltd.



Schonstedt Instrument Co., (888) 367-7014, schonstedt.com


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