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Avanti Initiates 50-Year Warranty for Grout

Avanti International has announced a 50-year product warranty on the company’s AV-100 chemical grout.

AV-100 is an ultra-low viscosity, chemically reactive gel primarily used to seal municipal wastewater collection systems from infiltrations.
“For 40 years, AV-100 has been the go-to resin material for sealing mainlines, service laterals, lateral connections and manholes,” said Don Rigby, Avanti vice president of marketing and education. “Avanti always has operated on premise: ‘If there’s a problem with the product, we’ll replace it.’”
How many times has that happened? “Zero,” answers Avanti President Britt Babcock.

Therefore, Avanti has committed to warrant the AV-100 acrylamide grout for 50 years against groundwater infiltration due to product failure. No other comparable grout products have such a warranty, said Rigby.

With the same viscosity as water, AV-100 can permeate anywhere water can travel and cures within a controllable time frame anywhere from five seconds to plus-or-minus 10 hours. Once cured, it creates an effective, long-lasting water barrier and provides superb soil stabilization.
For background on the decision to offer the 50-year warranty, Rigby cited new, independent research that even in the most arid environments, soils retain 100 percent relative humidity (RH) at depths from one to f14 feet. Further, the third-party tests showed that in the presence of high RH, acrylamide grout (AV-100) will not shrink from desiccation.

“According to U.S. Department of Energy,” continued Rigby, “a 20 percent acrylamide grout in soil has a 362-year half-life. At 10 to 1 percent concentration, AV-100 acrylamide grout can extrapolate a design/service life in the soil greater than 150 years.”
Based on thermodynamic analysis, field testing and laboratory testing, AV-100 chemical grout installed below the shallow surface layer will not shrink from desiccation, the test concluded.


In 1978, Avanti launched one product, acrylamide chemical grout, with a goal to serve the municipal market.

“Today,” Rigby said, “Avanti offers more than 20 injection grouts to multiple markets including industrial, commercial and geotechnical. No other company supplies acrylamide, acrylic, acrylate, hydrophilic and hydrophobic grouts, ultra-fine cement and the technical expertise that comes with being the most experienced grout supplier in the U.S.”

Rigby emphasizes the single best impact on the life of grout is the quality of installation.

“Avanti and Allied Technology Partners,” he said, “are doing a great deal to advance the quality of execution. Municipal grouting is a multi-vendor solution. It requires grout/CCTV trucks, remote packers for mainline and service laterals, and grouting materials. Together, those of us in the industry teach to the NASSCO/ICGA (Infiltration Control Grouting Association) standards with multiple levels of course work available.

“ Level 100 is a no-cost, online course available at www.municipalgrouting.com. Level 200 course is a two-day Municipal Grout School conducted regionally six times each year (dates and locations are available at www.avantigrout.com).”

“Beginning in April, a new Level 300 course covering advanced chemistry and best practices will earn graduates a certified technician credential. For quality execution, in 2019 engineers and municipal owners will begin specifying this level of knowledge on each truck and requiring a service warranty from the contractor.

“Execution is everything, and together we are raising the bar.”

Avanti offers on-site field training about how-to techniques for achieving desired results. Also available are web-based tutorials and demonstrations, videos, and animations providing step-by-step instructions about how to inject Avanti products safely and efficiently.

Avanti International,
(281) 486 5600 or (800) 877 2570, avantigrout.com

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