July 2019 Vol.74 No. 7

Rehab Technology

Cortec Announces Breakthrough in Corrosion Protection of Pipelines

Cortec Corporation’s U.S.-patented CorroLogicVpCI Filler meets the long-term protection needs of cased pipeline crossings. Its special blend of vapor phase corrosion inhibitors protects in the liquid-phase, in the vapor-phase, and at the air-water interface. This multi-phase package of corrosion inhibitors is designed to migrate under disbonded coatings, form a protective molecular layer in void spaces, and inhibit corrosion even in the presence of moisture.

CorroLogicVpCI Filler consists of two components that form a corrosion-inhibiting gel when injected into pipeline casings or other tubular void spaces. The liquid VpCI component can be diluted onsite to the appropriate concentration.

Interestingly, the Cortec gel is also electrically conductive, allowing it to be used in concert with cathodic protection (CP) to deliver the cathodic current to the carrier pipe.


Cortec Corporation, +1 (800) 426-7832, cortecvci.com

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