July 2019 Vol.74 No. 7

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Insituform Introduces iPlus Infusion UV Felt CIPP

The new iPlus Infusion UV felt cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), manufactured and installed by Insituform Technologies, an Aegion company, is now commercially available.

Insituform patented UV CIPP in the 1980s as an alternative to standard heat-cured liners. Some of the benefits of using UV felt CIPP liners include the reduction or elimination of styrene emissions, the ability to continuously monitor and regulate the cure cycle, as well as a potential reduction in
the overall project footprint.

In addition, the UV felt CIPP is approximately 30 percent more cost effective when compared to the original UV glass CIPP liners. This is achieved by utilizing a purely felt based tube while still complying with long-term design requirements.

iPlus Infusion utilizes an internal glass scrim layer to control pull-in stress loads and prevent liner damage. An integral bladder system provides an extra layer of protection from groundwater infiltration into the piping systems. All materials are designed to provide optimal translucency for complete cure. Meeting ASTM F1216 and F1743 standards, iPlus Infusion provides a 50-plus-year, structural solution.

Liners can be saturated using a UV-cured polyester resin and/or a styrene-free vinyl ester resin on a specially modified conveyer system or through a positive-head impregnation system. Temperature controls are not required for storage or transport of iPlus Infusion UV felt CIPP and it has a storage life of at least six months, providing great flexibility for future installation schedules.

The installation process is like that used for standard CIPP and uses standard UV equipment. Once the tube has been pulled into the host pipe and partially inflated, the UV light train is inserted into the pipe, the tube is fully inflated and then cured. The operator can inspect the liner before it is completely cured. Typical diameters are between 6 and 15 inches, with maximum install lengths of approximately 750 feet.

Insituform CIPP has been used for more than 45 years to protect pipelines from corrosion, restore structural integrity, reduce infiltration, eliminate leaking joints, improve water quality and increase pipeline flow capacity.


Insituform Technologies, (800) 325-1159, Insituform.com

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