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OBIC is the newest player in the national marketplace, offering products focused on trenchless approaches to repairing water and wastewater systems.

Made of a flexible polymer, these products are spray applied, making “installation a much more efficient process than alternative, rigid systems,” said Dustin Schlachter, OBIC’s CEO. “The benefits don’t stop there, either. Our products cure in minutes, which means minimal downtime when repair and maintenance issues arise.”

Another benefit of the flexible polymers is their strength to withstand temperature changes and heavy traffic, without cracking under pressure like alternative, rigid products. Environmentally friendly, OBIC products can be used for the repair and maintenance of holding systems, manholes, treatment facilities, vaults and other structures with damage caused by infiltration or corrosive chemicals.

OBIC products are produced in an ISO 9001-2015 certified facility and approved for a variety of applications, including potable water products requiring approval for ANSI 61 barrier material.

Specific uses include manhole coatings, wet wells and large wastewater structures; culvert lining installations and bridge deck waterproofing; tank linings, secondary containment and cleanroom applications.


Sprayroq Joins New Signet Specialties Division

Sprayroq, located in Irondale, Ala., an industry leader in spray-applied resin technology for structural rehabilitation of water, wastewater and other infrastructure assets, is now part of parent company Signet LLC’s new Chemical Specialties Division. They join the new company along with three other businesses.

The additional companies comprising the new platform are:

  • Sprayroq of Shanghai, China, which services applied resin contracts in
  • Creative Polymer Solutions, an innovator in the field of customized polymer technology for corrosion control and structural rehabilitation in commercial and public sectors, also based in Birmingham,
  • Blue Grass Chemical Specialties, based in New Albany, Ind., Signet’s newest acquisition, which is engaged in contract manufacturing and toll production of custom proprietary chemical products.

Signet expects each of the companies to continue their recent growth and looks forward to even more dramatic growth. “Signet’s ownership philosophy has always been to build and expand our portfolio through insourcing and acquisition of like companies in order to get to a point of critical mass, where market saturation and industry brand awareness can be attained,” said Anthony (Tony) Manna, chairman of private-investment firm Signet.

Kevin Williams, newly appointed president of the Chemical Specialties Division, located in Birmingham, will assume direct management and oversight of the leadership teams at each of the individual operating units. His focus is on advancing market penetration initiatives and enhancing brand awareness in the industry.

“With the four companies now organized and aggregated into their own division, we will be afforded the opportunity to achieve more efficient growth as a team and exploit strategic synergies within the platform and the greater marketplace,” said Williams, “without mitigating the individual strengths and value propositions of each company.”


Sprayroq, (205) 957-0020,






Vortex Companies Acquires Ted Berry Company

The Vortex Companies, a leading trenchless rehabilitation industry solutions provider, recently acquired The Ted Berry Company.

Located in Livermore, Maine, and family-owned-and-operated since 1972, The Ted Berry Company provides services to both municipal and industrial customers throughout New England. Core service groups include municipal utility services, industrial cleaning services, trenchless pipe rehabilitation and CCTV pipeline inspection.

“Strategically, this acquisition makes a lot of sense for us,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of Vortex. “The combination of our added services and Ted Berry’s experience further fortifies our position in the industry.”

Ted Berry’s approach to business, dedication to quality and 45-year history of successful experience within the trenchless infrastructure market played a key role in the acquisition.

“Matt Timberlake [CEO] and the Ted Berry team are well respected throughout the country … Not only did they build a reputation for excellent service, but a loyal customer base as well. It is our goal to expand on their accomplishments by delivering even more trenchless services and solutions in the Northeast,” Vellano added.

Houston-based the Vortex Companies delivers advanced trenchless technologies and turnkey services to cost-effectively renew municipal, industrial and commercial infrastructure. Its Services division provides lining and coating solutions, pipe bursting, CCTV and inspection. The Products division develops and sells manhole and pipe rehabilitation materials, polymeric coatings and resins, sewer robot systems and high-speed drain cleaning tools.

With strategic acquisitions planned for 2019, the Vortex Companies remains focused on its vision of providing a broad range of intelligent and economical trenchless infrastructure renewal solutions, supported by highly experienced and trained personnel.


The Vortex Companies, (713) 750-9081

The Ted Berry Company, (207) 897-3348,

HammerHead Trenchless Introduces QuickLok Drums, Cam-Locking Adapters

New QuickLok inversion drums from HammerHead Trenchless offer cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) installers the most user-friendly and best-performing inversion drum in the industry. With two drum sizes capable of holding up to 125 feet and 225 feet of 4-inch liner, respectively, the QuickLok features a patent-pending, single-lever lockdown that gives operators a positive seal and secure latch every time.

“The single-lever lockdown feature comes directly from user input after more than a year of in-the-field testing,” said Matt Gabrielse, product manager of HammerHead Trenchless CIPP lines. “Time is everything once you’ve mixed the resin. If operators need access to the drum again for an adjustment on-the-fly, QuickLok permits them to do it quickly, saving valuable minutes.”

Other user-inspired features include extra viewing ports and a detachable spindle wheel that makes it easier to navigate tight areas. Once in place, the wheel may be reattached to either side of the drum, accommodating workspace limitations or the preference of the operator.

Along with the QuickLok drums, HammerHead also launched new cam-locking nozzle adapters. Compatible with nozzles from other manufacturers, the adaptors enable CIPP operators to cover all 18 straight, 45- and 90-degree nozzle configurations to invert liners 2-to-8 inches in diameter with just two adapters, using six nozzles they may already have.

“These new cam-locking adapters can greatly reduce the number of attachments CIPP operators need to have on hand,” Gabrielse noted. “They’re another great example of HammerHead listening to the needs of our customers and responding with solutions.”


HammerHead Trenchless, (800) 331-6653, +1 920-648-4848 (international),


After launching the RELINE UV Group in the second half of 2018, Germany-based RELINEEUROPE has expanded activities in the American market, acquiring 50 percent of the interests in RELINEAMERICA.

RELINE UV is a leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies, with a long history of experience in UV light curing, glass fiber-reinforced liner systems. Another focus of the group is development and production of high-performance UV curing technology.

The latest, REE4000, is the world’s most powerful UV curing system, with total power output of up to 24,000 watts and offers unique features for self-automated operation. This makes it possible to cure liners up to a wall thickness of more than 20 mm, only by UV light, extremely quickly and controlled in all directions.

Founded in 2005, RELINEAMERICA has been instrumental in the growing acceptance of these liners in the U.S., today becoming the preferred method for pipe rehabilitation. With a manufacturing facility in Saltville, Va., the company is a leading supplier of UV-curable tube liners in North America, with total production of nearly 2.2 million feet of six- to 60-inch-diameter Alphaliners. It also produces state-of-the-art RE2000 UV equipment and carries out service work.


Tim Cook and Jerold Botts, both as vice presidents.

Through this new joint venture and synergies, RELINEAMERICA can offer its customers products developed by RELINEEUROPE, including innovative liner variants, such as UV light-curing hose liners for pressure pipes (especially for potable water pipes) and high-performance UV systems. In the future, RELINEAMERICA will support RELINE UV’s customers throughout the Americas.


RELINEEUROPE AG, +49 6349-93934-0,

RELINEAMERICA LLC, (866) 998-0808,


RELINEAMERICA Vice Presidents Jerold Botts (left) and Tim Cook.
Celebrating the partnership (from left): Christian Noll, president RELINEEURIOPE; William Pleasants, owner and president RELINEAMERICA; and Bernd Flossman, president RELINEEUROPE.










Interplastic Corporation Introduces New Patented ONESTEP CIPP Resin System

Interplastic Corporation has been granted a patent (US Patent 10,131,766) for its new, commercially available ONESTEP CIPP resin system.

Designed as a simpler, safer process, ONESTEP offers the benefit of using a single, liquid initiator for easier introduction to resin. Other benefits include minimizing mixing problems and reduced initiator use, safety, and energy and labor cost savings.

The system provides mechanical properties, cure, pot life and corrosion resistance comparable to currently available CIPP resins. ONESTEP is available with several different resin formulations, both neat and enhanced.

“We believe these systems will help develop and innovate the CIPP market. We are excited about ONESTEP, it’s truly a unique offering that can change the path of CIPP lining,” said Jason Schiro. “We have already supplied over one million pounds to the CIPP market which has been installed throughout a wide environment, from South America to Alaska, in liners from 8 to 36 inches in diameter.”

Interplastic Corporation is a specialty chemical company focused on the production and sale of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins, gel coats, putties and colorants for the composites and cast polymer industries. Interplastic is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., the company is a subsidiary of specialty chemical company IP Corporation.


Interplastic Corporation, (651) 481-6860,,


With the launch of its new Company Gear program and Rugged Professional Series, the 130-year-old Carhartt brand provides a wide range of businesses with its familiar, durable products.

“Our brand now offers one of the most comprehensive and innovative workwear solutions in the marketplace,” said Andi Donovan, senior vice president of Carhartt Company Gear. “The reorganization of our service program allows Carhartt to accommodate customers’ workwear demands whether they need pants for a crew of 20 or need to outfit an entire operation.”

The Rugged Professional Series comes in nine styles and features Rugged Flex and Stain Breaker technologies, along with wrinkle resistance and superior colorfastness to maintain a professional look after dozens of washes. And it’s available in a complete array of sizes to accommodate both men and women.

Carhartt Company Gear also includes products under every category of industry and Specialty, from standard uniforms to more-specific requirements, such as flame-resistant and high-visibility clothing and gear designed to com- ply with federal and state safety standards.


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