November 2019 Vol. 74 No. 11

New Products

Auger Technologies

Powered either manually or with an impact wrench (not provided), Auger Technologies’ Bullet Tooth Puller removes conical auger teeth – even the most stubborn – safely and in a fraction of the time normally required, saving time and money. Augers with worn teeth that are stuck fast can be efficiently removed in just minutes, so that when new teeth are installed, a valuable asset is removed from the “bone yard” and returned to a productive state. 

Simply fit the split-ring Bullet Tooth Puller collet over the conical auger bit, then slide the driver arm over the collet, locking it in place. Drive the extractor screw, which in turn backs out the tooth. Once out, reverse the motion on the extractor screw to remove the tooth from the collet. Manually or with impact wrench, either method eliminates the knuckle-busting methods previously employed.

It’s ideal for all standard conical teeth and augers, and extractors for larger bits are also available. In addition, Bullet Tooth Puller can be paired with an Auger Technologies driver for easy re-insertion of auger bits.


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