November 2019 Vol. 74 No. 11

New Products

Melfred Borzall

Melfred Borzall’s Eagle Claw S.D. boasts twice as many carbides and tougher teeth than its most popular rock bit, the Eagle Claw. 

More specifically, Borzall has taken the three, standard conical cutter teeth and applied its Chunky Hardfacing in spiral formation around each to give a better bite, even rotation, and longer life. Surrounding the base of each cutter tooth is an additional carbide block that lines high-impact areas, increasing its life and improving steering capability in harder ground conditions.

FastBack, Melfred Borzall’s patented system for direct pullbacks without removing the drillhead or installing a backreamer, increases production, minimizes excavation, and saves time on bores. It’s also ideal for installations in areas of limited access.

The speed of FastBack enables the driller to do several bores a day, and there’s the option to enlarge the hole up to 12 inches. The system includes the FastReam housing and cutters, Eagle Eye pullback attachment, QuickSwivel and QuickLink for Borzall blades.

Pit Bull is a solution for avoiding the damage on production efficiency when bolts shear. By adding dowel pins to strategic areas of the blade-mating surface on Melfred Borzall’s side-load Pit Bull housings and bit bodies, then aligning those with drilled holes in blades, the shear force is relieved from the bolts. As the dowel pins take all the lateral shear force, it increases the bolt’s ability to hold the blade in place by more than 100% percent.

Melfred Borzall is creating versions of all its popular blade designs to be Pit Bull-compatible. Each Pit Bull transmitter housing design comes standard with removable dowel pins, so customers can use the housing with other blades, as well.

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