April 2020 Vol. 75 No. 4

New Products

New Products

Vermeer Introduces High-Capacity, Truck-Mounted Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer Corporation has purchased a minority equity investment in and signed a distribution agreement with Vacuum X-Traction Products Inc. (VXP). Through the agreement, VXP will supply a series of Vermeer-branded, high-capacity, truck-mounted vacuum excavators to be sold exclusively through Vermeer industrial dealers.

The first of these products, VXT500, is an eight-inch vac with an eight-yard spoil tank capacity. It is ideal for utility applications needing a higher capacity machine with a smaller footprint.

VXT500 joins a family of proven VXP-manufactured machines, featuring vacuum blowers that deliver 5,000-6,400 cubic feet per minute and spoil tank capacities ranging up to 16 yards. In addition, VXP has built and will offer a vacuum excavation truck equipped with a pressurized detachable box, and a truck with an extendable, long-reaching boom for specialty applications.

This new lineup and strategic partnership with VXP are the next steps in Vermeer’s commitment to offer the widest range of innovative and specialized vacuum excavation solutions across industries that demand soft-dig technology.

Vermeer created a leading powerhouse for vacuum excavation solutions for the underground utility markets in 2018, after bringing together the McLaughlin and Vac-Tron brands. Adding a high-capacity product offering means a focused product team is working together with Vermeer dealers to provide one of the most comprehensive lineups of vac solutions on the market.

“From utility, to oil and gas, to industrial plant and environmental clean-up applications, these VXP products are proven to meet the specific demands of customers looking for high-capacity vac solutions that will improve their productivity,” said Doug Hundt, president of Vermeer Industrial Solutions.

Based in Fort Morgan, Col., VXP was founded in 2014 by Gary Harms and Juan Mota, long-time innovators of vacuum excavation equipment.


Vermeer Corporation (641) 628-3141, vermeer.com; vermeermvs.com




Prime Drilling Introduces Next Gen Compact Drill Rigs

With its new generation of compact drill rigs, Prime Drilling sets a new standard in this performance category. Due to a perfected design and compact components, both weight and size, and thus transport and set-up costs, have been reduced to a minimum.

The mounted CAT 7.1 Acert engine, with the latest emission standards and adjustable cooling system, minimizes fuel consumption. Push as well as pull-back functions of the hydraulic power rotary head are carefully driven by an internal rack and pinion feed system.

Based on a lengthy development and thorough selection of material, Prime Drilling achieves maximum efficiency out of every component. Further advantages to guarantee a fast, uncomplicated and economic operation for customers include the fully automated drill pipe magazine for 32 pipes and the incorporation of a new hydraulic system that enables unequaled performance of the rig.

Due to the powerful on-board mud pump and the low weight, the rig is always operational and ready for big jobs. In continuous consultation with customers and their requirements, combined with Prime Drilling’s more than 20 years of experience, this rig is tailor-made to meet the user’s demands.

As usual, customers can choose from a full line of options and accessories, as well as rely upon an experienced service team at any time.

The name Prime Drilling stands for highest precision and continuous innovation with the construction and development of robust HDD systems. Only high-quality materials are used to develop a low-maintenance, robust and reliable drilling rig with an above-average service life.

Compact Drilling Rig PD 30/12 CU Specifications:

Power: 275 hp

Push/pull force: 66,000 pounds

Torque: 9,260-foot pounds

Speed: 200 rpm

Inclination angle:11 – 18 inches

Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.2 x 2.5x2.65 meters

Weight: 40,785 pounds

Automatic drill rod magazine: 32 drill rods

Drill pipes: 2 7/8-inch or 3 ½ inch

Mud Pump Flow rate: 198 gpm

Mud Pump Flow pressure: 870 psi


Prime Drilling, (405) 420-5423, prime-drilling.de/en





Doosan Expands Mini Excavator Lineup with Reduced Tail Swing Model

Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, is expanding its mini excavator lineup with the new DX62R-3.

Featuring a reduced tail swing profile – just 4.9 inches of side overhang – the new mini excavator allows customers to work in confined areas with more flexibility to maneuver and without sacrificing performance.

The design of the DX62R-3 utilizes the basics of the existing Doosan mini excavator and builds on it by adjusting the positioning of its upper-structure to the undercarriage to reduce tail swing length. Moving the swing center forward extends the machine’s digging reach by 11 inches, while maintaining the desired machine balance. Reduced tail swing machines require less repositioning when operating, helping the operator work more efficiently.

In addition to urban environments where space is limited, this model is ideal for a variety of jobs in utilities and commercial construction.


Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, (678) 714-6000, doosanequipment.com

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