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Rehab Technology

Lining Systems

Applied Felts

Using only the highest quality raw materials available, Applied Felts manufactures world-class CIPP liners based on your unique job requirements. Our vertically integrated offering of classic felt liners include flame-bonded, or sewn-seamed, highly durable PU and PP coated liners for more extreme environmental and installation requirements. They also provide maximum flexibility in the field. Our fiberglass-reinforced liners provide the strongest, most robust liner on the market today for gravity sewer, pressure pipe and potable water applications.

(276) 656-1904; appliedfelts.com




CIPP Corp.

CIPP Corp.
has developed a Fiberglass reinforced felt liner for the potable water industry. The specially designed resin system used has been developed to prevent premature hardening and works extremely well in the presence of water. Water mains are difficult at best to completely de-water prior to liner installation. CIPP Corporation’s specialty resin development overcomes this obstacle. Contact us for your Potable Water Lining Projects.

(888) 485-2477, cippcorp.com




Danby Grout-in-Place PVC liner is used in rehabbing pipes 36 inches and larger, and any shape structures – arcs, semi-elliptical or boxes. This structural solution is designed for 50-plus years of life, provides a barrier to H2S corrosion and Manning’s n that improve hydraulic performance with minimum loss of diameter. Danby’s PVC lining process is 100-percent trenchless, using existing access manholes and requiring no expensive winding machinery to install the liner.

(281) 598-1126, danbyrehab.com





FerraTex Solutions


FerraTex Solutions provides CIPP wet-out liners and services for the most demanding trenchless pipe rehabilitation projects – reducing time and costs for our valued CIPP installers. With six locations across the U.S., FerraTex offers logistical advantages and unmatched customer service. Each wet-out liner undergoes our rigorous ISO-9002 certified quality assurance inspection. Once resin impregnation is completed, the resin-saturated liner is loaded into one of our climate-controlled trailers for delivery and tracked through GPS.

(844) 433-7728; ferratex.com







The NSF61-approved Neofit+Plus Potable Pipe Lining System is a non-invasive option for ½- to 2-inch water services. The smooth bore, thin-wall liner can be installed in any pipe, in lengths up to 300 feet, and forms a continuous barrier between existing pipe and drinking water, providing equal or better flow capacity. Installation is fast with immediate return to service. Save 30–60 percent by ditching the traditional dig-and-replace method and upgrading to Neofit+Plus.

(800) 348-0020, flow-liner.com




Granite Inliner Technologies

Granite Inliner teams have successfully installed more than 35 million feet of CIPP throughout the United States and Canada. We have rehabilitated both circular and non-circular piping structures, 4- to 120-inch diameter, in various geographic and climatic conditions. From our flagship Inliner brand Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), to our glass-reinforced STX UV-cured liners, we can address a broad range of both gravity and pressure pipeline applications, selecting the right solution for your wastewater and stormwater infrastructure problems.

(812) 865-3232, graniteconstruction.com




HammerHead Trenchless

The HammerHead Trenchless WT212-3D wet-out table features a unique, three-drive roller system and no-shim gap control that deliver highly accurate and uniform resin saturation for quality CIPP installations. The latest curing methods require extreme consistency in resin depth and saturation. WT212-3D’s design powers rollers to reduce liner wrinkling common in hand-cranked models. The smooth, automated operation delivers uniform wet-outs time after time and a quick-locking gap mechanism allows users to calibrate gap height down to a quarter of a millimeter.

(800) 331-6653, hhtrenchless.com




Inland Pipe Rehabilitation

IPR’s proprietary process combines the most-advanced application equipment with a high-strength, low-porosity geopolymer. EcoCast is a completely trenchless lining system for large-diameter applications. The process recovers and protects the pipe surface by filling in voids, cracks, and other defects with geopolymer material at structural thicknesses. EcoCast is a more cost-effective rehabilitation solution that extends the design life of your deteriorated piping infrastructure.

(678) 374-8194, teamipr.com





LMK Technologies


LMK’s ASTM F256- compliant T-Liner is a one-piece, homogenous, main-to-lateral CIPP connection liner that renews 18 inches and 360 degrees of the mainline, and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining. T-Liner with ASTM F3240-compliant Insignia compression gasket-sealing technology provides a verifiable non-leaking system.

(815) 640-9302, lmktechnologies.com





MaxLiner’s quality felt liners are specifically developed for optimal results in a variety of applications and pipe configurations. The Max FLEX 4D provides ease of inversion and a close fit in 4- to 6-inch transitions (while maintaining a thickness of 3mm). Its specifically designed stitched seam and taped seam is capable of negotiating bends up to 90 degrees with minimal wrinkling. Max FLEX 4D is a non-woven, needle-punched PE felt liner with an impermeable PU coating.

Maxliner USA’s newest calibration roller features built-in gap setting display, adjustable speed, directional switch, pressure limit safety and emergency stop. The Max E-Roller is mounted to a table or easily transported closer to the worksite by unlocking it from the detachable baseplate. Ideal for small crews wetting out longer liners with a diameter range up to 12 inches. This 48-pound, 110-volt powered unit operates with a foot peddle, allowing for easy hands-free operation.

(877) 426-5948, maxlinerusa.com




Miller Pipeline Corp.

Miller Pipeline offers EX Method, a trenchless installation of EX Pipe causing no disruption to the natural environment or to urban residential areas. EX Pipe is high-strength, un-plasticized and PVC manufactured under strict quality procedures using odorless, environmentally safe materials. The pipe is expanded-in-place, not cured-in-place, so factory-controlled, ASTM F-1504 uniform quality is assured for every installation.

(317) 293-0278, millerpipeline.com




Moray Group

Moray currently offers an LSR (LightRay Pro) to repair pipes of 2- to 6-inch (50-150mm) diameter with standard packers of 3- and 6-foot (1-2M) length, and additional lengths available upon request. Our standard Non-VOC highly corrosion-resistant resin is already saturated into a high-performance glass fiber tube at our facility and then shipped directly, in lengths of up to 10 to 100 feet (3-30M).

(833) 667-2988, moraygroup.com




National Liner

National Liner, through its network of experienced North American installers, provides cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) products and services to municipal and industrial customers to rehabilitate deteriorated pipe. Established in 1994, the company has installed more than 18 million linear feet of pipe, ranging in size from 6- through 84-inch diameter. Engineered with a 50-year design life, National Liner products and services economically rehabilitate damaged pipe.

(800) 547-1235, nationalliner.com




Perma-Liner Industries

The Perma-Lateral System is designed for 2- to 8-inch diameter pipe diameters. It can be installed through clean-outs or open-end pipes, and requires only one access point. The liner can be ambient cured in 3 hours or steam cured in as little as 20 minutes. Pipes of 2- to 4-inch diameter can be rehabilitated up to 120-plus feet in length, while 5- to 8-inch diameter pipes can be rehabilitated up to 600 feet in length.

(866) 336-2568, perma-liner.com




SAERTEX multiCom

SAERTEX multiCom offers an innovative solution for rehabilitation of potable water mains: SAERTEX-LINER H2O. An application range of 8- to 48-inch diameter and pressure ratings of close to 600 psi in its smaller-diameter range, provide for one of the strongest and most robust solutions in the CIPP market. Cured with the latest UV technology under constant monitoring, and certified and approved by NSF61, SAERTEX-LINER H2O is engineered for strength, durability and longevity.

(704) 584-4059, saertex-multicom.com

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