December 2020 Vol. 75 No. 12

New Products

New Products

Vermeer Expands HDD Fluid-Management Equipment Line 

Vermeer has expanded its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluid management equipment line with the new R600T reclaimer. Successor to the popular R9x12T model, R600T features enhanced performance and serviceability. 

The 600-gallons-per-minute mud recycling system can pair with maxi rigs pumping between 300 and 600 gallons per minute on pipeline and other large-diameter installation projects. 

Its three tanks (scalped, middle and clean) have total fluid capacity of 7,729 gallons and can process 1,100 gallons per minute of drilling slurry, for a true cleaning capacity suited to HDD projects in the 600-gallons-per-minute range. 

A redesigned linear-motion shaker deck helps reduce weight, increase the available G-force and extend screen life. The drilling slurry cycles through two 10-inch desanders and a desilter manifold with 16 5-inch desilters to remove sand and coarse material, before being deposited onto the decks. 

Contractors can choose their own power source for the R600T – a rented generator or one that’s shared with the drill’s operator cabin. With a one-level working deck, fast deploying walkway, centralized main controls area, and quick connect electrical cables, the R600T sets up quickly and is efficient to operate. 

“Since Vermeer launched its first reclaimer, the industry has embraced our mud recycling systems because these machines help reduce the amount of drilling fluid additives and freshwater required on HDD projects,” explained Adam Bates, Vermeer product manager for fluid management equipment. 


Vermeer Corporation, (641) 628-3141, 


Cat Next Gen Excavators Increase Efficiency, Lower Operating Costs 

Caterpillar’s Next Generation 349 excavator and 352 hydraulic excavator, with variable gauge undercarriage, offer up to 45-percent more operating efficiency, up to 10-percent more fuel efficiency, and up to 15-percent less maintenance costs compared to the F Series models they replace. 

Efficiency-boosting technology includes the following: 

  • Grade Assist automates boom and bucket movements.
  • Cat Payload helps increase loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing.
  • Lift Assist quickly calculates the weight of the actual load being lifted and compares it to the excavator’s rated capability.
  • E-Fence prevents the excavator from moving outside operator-defined points.

Other features range from the new Smart Mode system, which automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, and new electrohydraulic control system that eliminates the need for pilot lines, reduces pressure losses, and lowers fuel consumption. 

The new Cat air filter with integrated pre-cleaner, and primary and secondary filters, doubles the dust-holding capacity of the previous design. A new hydraulic return filter has a 3,000-hour service life – a 50-percent increase over previous filters and fuel system filers are synchronized for service at 1,000 hours – a 100-percent increase over the previous filters. 

For steep slope work, the 352 hydraulic excavator can be configured to reach up to 64 feet (19.6 meters) and dig down to 43 feet (13.04 meters). Standard waterproof technology provides precise excavation down to 15 feet (4.5 meters) and the optional submarine solution allows work down to 66 feet (20 meters). 


Caterpillar, (888) 614-4328, 


TD Williamson 

Global pipeline solutions provider T.D. Williamson (TDW) introduced two isolation innovations for the gas distribution market. 

ProStopp DS offers the first, low-pressure, double block-and-bleed isolation technology via two plugging heads with a bleed port in-between them. This allows product to bleed through the housing, so there is less hardware on the line. 

Designed from schedule 10-60 pipe and rated to 285 pounds per square inch (19 bar), ProStopp DS is currently available for 6-inch to 12-inch pressurized carbon steel pipelines, and is compatible with TDW valves and fittings. 

Its isolation technology features a hydraulically activated, energized seal that conforms flawlessly to multiple internal pipe diameters. The variable design increases the likelihood of first-time sealing success and eliminates leaks, even in tough crevices and weld seams. 

“Because the energized seal accommodates multiple inner diameters, it takes the guesswork out of tool configuration, while drastically reducing inventory needs,” said Ryan Ragsdale, HT & P senior product manager. 

“The built-in chip sweep helps ensure a leak-proof seal, while also reducing operation requirements,” he added. “And because the tool is ground-operated, the technician makes fewer trips up and down the ladder, completing jobs faster and with less risk.” 

POLYSTOPP Quick Connect allows operators to isolate a polyethylene line twice as fast as other methods, while preventing the damage associated with squeezing. 

According to Ragsdale, POLYSTOPP takes less than 10 minutes to tap and isolate a pipeline. Installing the tapping, plugging and completion machines onto the valve takes about 20 seconds each, and removal is just as fast. 

ProStopp DS 

POLYSTOPP Quick Connect 


Doosan Infracore 

Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, expanded its wheel loader lineup with the new DL580-5. Capable of heavy-duty construction tasks,  
it combines extra-large capacity with efficiency and productivity. 

Its key feature is the ability to fill a 24-ton, over-the-road truck in just two passes. This comes from an enhanced front workgroup, featuring a reinforced Z-bar, larger-profile arm, and lift-cylinder geometry, that improves lifting capacity and performance. 

DL580-5 is also equipped with higher-volume steering pump and cylinders to help maintain steering efficiency with larger loaded weights, and a heavier counterweight that offsets the larger load capacity. Heavier front and rear axles, with six-disc outboard brakes on each hub, produce more efficient breaking with loaded weights. 

Also increasing efficiency and productivity are three new aggregate buckets. Constructed of high-strength alloy steel with capacities of 8, 9 and 10 cubic yards, the buckets allow for SAE 110-percent overfill – to account for moisture density of aggregate for wetter substrate. 



Epiroc introduced HATCON, a remote monitoring device for breakers and drum cutters that keeps track of location and operating hours, to improve efficiency and safety. 

It’s available factory-mounted or as a retrofit kit for Epiroc premium-range breakers and drum cutters. Once connected, the system monitors every individual tool and keeps the customer updated via the cloud-based My Epiroc platform. 

Notifications about service, wear parts, task lists and an overview of the entire fleet are some of the ways that help owners/operators increase efficiency. The straightforward data can simplify both everyday duties and long-term decisions. 

“HATCON provides a new level of control. You’ll always know where your tools are, what they do, when they need service, or if any tool is running more than others – it basically keeps you ahead,” said Torsten Ahr, vice president of marketing for Epiroc Hydraulic Attachment Tools. 


John Deere 

With the demands of today’s job site in mind, John Deere introduced the new E-II Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs): 410E-II and 460E-II. 

A key feature on these machines is the redesigned dump body, which is wider with a lowered and leveled rail height to improve material retention. A brand-new side sheet design makes the load height the same from front to back, while the widened bin provides additional tire coverage and easier loading. An angled top on the bin rail helps to reduce material spillage while traveling. 

Three standard drive modes help to optimize the drivetrain and reduce inputs from the operator. Normal mode provides the same great features found on the E-Series, while reducing fuel burn by up to 7 percent. 

With Eco mode, the system can improve fuel consumption by up to 12 percent compared to E-II Normal mode. Traction mode helps the operator maintain tire traction in soft underfoot conditions, automatically engaging the differential lock to minimize wheel spinning. 

One of the most notable features of the operator station is the single-sealed switch module, reducing the number of switches by 25 percent, compared to previous models. The new primary display unit provides a clear view of daily operation and enhanced diagnostic information. 

The E-II machines maintain the best-in-class ground-level daily service capabilities. While maximizing machine uptime, there is a 10-percent reduction of electric and hydraulic routings, further reducing potential leak points. 



HCSS luanched a new version of Aerial, its cloud-based solution for continuous monitoring of infrastructure construction projects. 

Customers use the HCSS Aerial platform to track execution progress with the ability to compare “digital twin” models of the job site from different dates and against the design. Site documentation and reports are generated in 24 hours, instead of weeks. 

Volumetric calculations and analysis serve as progress indicators of projects and track earthwork quantities more accurately to avoid mistakes, such as underestimating or overestimating material, and cut versus fill. 

"I've had the opportunity to work with a couple of different drone programs,” said Kyson Spendlove, UAV pilot at Interstate Rock Products. ”While these drone processing programs are very high quality and have had years to be perfected, I do not feel they are as focused on the civil construction field as HCSS Aerial. I am very impressed with the way HCSS Aerial is heading.” 

Additional features make job-site mapping and data visualization easier and more effective. 

Enhanced Accuracy Report and Checkpoints Support, for example, validates model accuracy without the need for expensive hardware. It provides detailed information, listing checkpoints’ and GCPs’ information, residuals and errors. 

Local Coordinate System Support is for geo-referencing and seamless workflow integration, and Terrain Filtering capabilities are for more accurate volumetric measurements. Image Validation checks the integrity of images selected for uploading and looks for gaps, creating warnings about issues. 


Owens Corning, 

Owens Corning is bringing the impermeable nature of FOAMGLAS cellular glass insulation to two new systems, providing engineers with the flexibility to design a system equipped to the needs of the operating environment. 

The FOAMGLAS Sealed System is designed to help keep moisture out of the insulation system. Utilizing a new, low-viscosity, neutral-cure joint sealant (PITTSEAL Hi-Temp LV RTV), the system seals joints and compartmentalizes insulation system components to manage CUI risk. 

Compared to other systems that combine permeable insulation with a cladding or wrap, the FOAMGLAS Sealed System deploys its entire material thickness to serve as a seal against ingress of moisture. Applications include above ambient/cyclical, below ambient with a high vapor drive, and underground/direct-buried. 

The FOAMGLAS Spacer System utilizes proprietary technology to create an air gap between the cellular glass insulation and the pipe. Specified where water intrusion is probable from secondary sources, the system is favored in offshore and marine applications. 

Prefabricated to offer contractors a one-step solution and supported with compatible sealants and adhesives, the FOAMGLAS Spacer System supports heat-tracing configurations and delivers good acoustical properties. 


Condux Tesmec 

Condux Tesmec Inc. introduced a new, industry-exclusive, all-electric puller. The PE1250 delivers maximum pull force of 11,240 foot/pounds and offers advanced user interface and remote control. 

With an electric motor, PE1250 eliminates the need for hydraulic components, such as hydraulic motors, pump and valves, and requires no oil. The unit’s silent operation makes it ideal for almost any location, while the electric power system generates zero emissions. 



LiuGong NA introduced the new, 9-ton 909ECR midi-excavator. Designed to compete in the critical 8- to 10-ton size class, 909ECR has limited tail-swing with wide undercarriage, offering a versatile, best-in-weight, multi-function tool carrier with greater lift capacity and greater stability. 

The 909ECR has an operating weight of 19,180 pounds and bucket capacity of 0.3 to 0.42 cubic yards. Lifting capacity at ground level is more than 11,500 pounds, but it’s compact enough to be transported on a trailer pulled by a pickup truck. 

“It was engineered to provide high performance under demanding conditions for customers, while staying true to LiuGong’s ‘DNA’ of simplicity and value,” said Gita Rao, senior director of Product Development and Engineering. 

With a reliable and powerful 62-horsepower, Yanmar engine, 909ECR’s ergonomically designed controls and feature-rich cab improve ease of use and increase productivity. 

Steel tracks with rubber street pads come standard with the 909ECR, allowing use in a variety of worksite conditions. Two-speed travel with auto downshift enables it to move effectively, while lowering impact on the surface environment. 

Operators will also appreciate the boom slew that allows them to dig parallel to the blade. While working in an offset position alongside obstacles, the swing post and cylinder stay within the tracks. 



Now launched in North America, Smart Construction Remote is one of Komatsu’s new “smart applications” created to help customers orchestrate construction planning, better handle management and scheduling, streamline costs, and optimize processes remotely in near real time. 

Customers can remotely send files from their office to target machines, easily search all connected assets, and log in to a machine and see what their operator is seeing. They can also easily pinpoint the location of machines by job site and upload or download design files at anytime from anywhere. 

Capabilities for site managers include easily searching all connected assets and pinpointing the location of machines by job site. They can also add new files remotely, without the time commitment of traditional methods, and upload or download design files to multiple machines onsite with one click. 

Smart Construction Remote’s software is compatible with select makes of machines with installed Topcon devices and all Komatsu intelligent Machine Control models. Komatsu-certified experts are ready to help users get the most from the application and develop team capabilities. 

“In today’s ever-changing construction environment, Smart Construction Remote is an invaluable, must-have tool,” said Scott Christman, Earthwork division manager at Cornerstone One LLC. “It provides troubleshooting and file transfers with the touch of a button from anywhere with internet access, minimizing crew downtime and maximizing production.” 


Performance Pipe 

Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, is now an exclusive distributor of Supraflow gas pipe tap tees manufactured by Spain-based Grupo Torre, for Canada and most of the U.S. The product offers utility operators a new solution to streamline how to tap 4- to 18-inch pressurized polyethylene (PE) gas pipe lines with outlets of 4, 6 and 8 inches. 

Manufactured with Performance Pipe’s PE4710 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) molded butt fusion tee fittings, Supraflow gas pipe tap tees have a variety of features and benefits, such as ASTM D2513 compliant, universal installation procedure, compact and lightweight drill assembly (sold separately) single-operator installation, no interruption to gas service during installation, and less excavation and restoration costs. 



Volvo Construction Equipment introduced a new attachment kit that solves a common issue for customers/pipelaying operations/projects. 

”If you’re not lowering in pipe regularly, it can be hard to justify the investment in a dedicated pipelayer or side boom,” said Todd Cannegieter, product manager-attachments and special applications at Volvo CE. “We wanted to give customers another option.” 

The new kit allows conventional Volvo CE 14-ton crawler excavators – EC140EL and ECR145E – to be converted into rotating pipelayers, in about one hour. 

Its robust components can safely handle pipes up to 20 inches (508 mm), with a rated load of 7,300 pounds (3.3 tons). Maximum working height is 24 feet (7.3 m) and maximum working depth is 50 feet (15.24 m). 

Easily transported, excavators with the pipelayer kit can be readied in minutes. Just load and go — no crane or extra people are required, saving time, money and hassle. 

Unlike a traditional side boom pipelayer, Volvo’s patented rotating superstructure solution means the machine is far more maneuverable, with no need to constantly reposition its tracks. 

The short-swing radius ECR145E can perform pipelaying work on busy two-lane streets while leaving one lane open for traffic, making it ideal for pipelaying in urban areas, where space is at a premium. This pipelayer configuration also gives the ECR145E the same lifting capacity as its standard excavator sibling, the EC140EL. 

There are maintenance advantages with the kit, as well. This pipelayer configuration has almost all components in common with a standard 14-ton excavator, so it’s simple to find parts and keeps maintenance costs low.  

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