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New Products

New Products

John Deere TC-Series Trencher Attachments Enhance Productivity

Designed to fit the needs of construction and landscaping professionals, John Deere debuted two additional trencher models, TC36 and TC48, to its family of attachments. The TC Series is compatible on John Deere skid steers and compact track loader models, as well as most competitive models.

Intended for lower duty cycle customers in agricultural and light construction applications,
the TC Series comes with several configurations to match most soil conditions or trench requirements. To ensure enhanced productivity, come equipped with a spring-loaded trencher boom that reduces system shock.

The carefully designed frame provides easy ingress and egress during use. The crumber boom pulls loose soil into the trenchers, and an auger removes spoils from trenches, increasing productivity on the job.

A robust digging chain can be used for tough conditions, and the integrated skid shoe helps stabilization while trenching. The angle indicator on TC36 and TC48 provides an optimal trenching angle for more accurate and precise digging. By incorporating a low-profile drive system and side-shift, trenches will be nearly
flush after every use.

“We continue to expand our collection of time and cost-saving attachments by incorporating cutting-edge solutions that benefit our customers on the job site,” said Jessica Hill, program manager, global attachments at John Deere. “The TC-series trenchers are an ideal solution to not only increase productivity, but also to increase uptime and lower daily operating costs while producing perfectly-shaped trenches.”


John Deere, (844) 809-1508, johndeere.com



Vermeer now offers three years of telematics service on all of its industrial equipment lines. This standard package includes access to operating hours, GPS location and geofencing capabilities to help crews work more efficiently and help contractors maximize their equipment by staying informed about the service needs of their fleets.

In addition, the company introduced new tiers of telematics packages across all of its industrial product lines that incorporate machine performance information, as well as many other data-driven metrics.

While telematics has been offered throughout the construction industry for several years, Vermeer is one of the first to roll out an initiative that spans so many niche industries and machinery categories.

“We are committed to creating data-driven solutions focused on the needs of all the markets and customers we serve,” explained Brad Ausman, product manager for Vermeer Intelligent Worksite. “To do this, we are talking with contractors and our dealers to shape data into insights that can be acted upon and that will add value to our customers’ businesses.”


Heath Consultants



The Gasurveyor 700 (GS700) utilizes the latest infrared gas detection technology in a lightweight, but robust and reliable design. It’s also highly configurable, with outstanding performance and user-friendly interface, making it the perfect choice for all gas utility applications.

Intelligent data-logging functionality, together with optional GPS mapping, simplifies data gathering. The cloud-based Instrument Management System (IMS) improves fleet management by providing access to field usage reports, calibration history, investigation mapping and many other bespoke reports; making it easier to demonstrate compliance.

GS700 quickly determines the source of gas leaks, whether it’s pipeline gas or naturally occurring biogas. saving valuable time and reducing detection related costs.


Tempo Communications



A compact, easy-to-install addition to the Tempo Communications Electronic Marker System family, Spike is primarily designed for marking objects buried in the soil down to depths of 3.5 feet (1 meter) or slightly more.

This encompasses most utilities’ distribution ducts and similar applications, such as cable TV or fiber “drops;” traffic light control cables; power, gas or district heating lines to properties. Spike is ideal for use in shallower and narrower ducts, where Tempo’s Omni Marker II is impractical.



Air Systems Introduces Explosion-Proof, LED Portable Area Light

Air Systems International Inc. introduced its new Air-Light EX, an explosion-proof, DC-powered, LED area light.

Delivered fully assembled in a 28.7-pound, 22-inch by 13.75-inch by 9-inch roller case, it deploys rapidly and folds back in, without requiring any tools.

Air-Light EX comes with two light heads that can move independently in any direction. Each is powered by a 12 VDC rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, with a run time of more than 3.5 hours when illuminated on high (2,500 lumens each), seven
hours on medium (1,250 lumens each) and 14-plus hours on low
(625 lumens each). A fourth mode is strobe, a high/low flash.

At delivery, the case also includes two rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs (12-15 VDC) and one batter charger (110-220 VAC, 50/50 Hz).

The Air-Light EX can be used indoors or outdoors, in any weather condition, and the most-demanding, hazardous work environments. Its light heads rise to 70 inches from the ground and feature dual locking legs that extend 16 inches to stabilize on uneven terrain. An aluminum mast reaches 22 inches to 70 inches above ground.

Explosion-proof certifications, and light and battery certification by Intertek include:

  • Class I, Div 1 & 2; Groups C & D
  • Class II, Div 1 & 2; Groups E, F, & G
  • CSA Zones 1 & 2; Zones 20, 21, & 22
  • Approved for wet locations -NEMA Type 6P

Warranty on the light head and battery changer is three years; the batter pack has a two-year warranty.

Air Systems International, a privately owned, Chesapeake, Va. company, manufactures Grade-D breathing air filtration units, air cylinder carts, confined space ventilation equipment, portable area lighting, and environmental control products.


Air Systems International, (800) 866-8100, airsystems.com


Caterpillar Introduces Next Generation of Small Dozers

Building on the same base machine platform as their successful predecessors (D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2), Caterpillar’s new D1, D2 and D3 Next Generation small dozers are designed to optimize speed, transportability, maneuverability and versatility, and improve visibility, grade control and fuel economy.

The new small dozers are powered by the fuel-efficient Cat C3.6 diesel engine, which now meets more stringent EU Stage V, as well as U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. While having the same net power ratings as their previous counterparts, these new models deliver up to 10-percent better fuel economy

Eco Mode, available in forward/reverse or reverse only options, further improves fuel economy by automatically reducing engine speed when not required. When load changes require higher RPM, Eco Mode automatically allows the engine to deliver maximum speed and power until the load decreases.

A larger, 10-inch primary display with color touch screen provides easy access to many of the advanced technology features. Coming standard, Automatic Traction Control no longer requires operator interaction. Slope Indicate improves operator confidence when working on slopes and Stable Blade complements operator blade control input for easier, quicker grade finishing.

Available as part of the Cat attachment ready option (ARO) for easy scalability to GRADE with 3D control systems, Slope Assist saves time by automatically maintaining the operator’s established blade grade angles. The Power Pitch option enables the operator to control blade pitch (fore/aft) remotely, optimizing machine productivity by up to 6 percent.

A host of optional features further help boost engine performance, based on operating conditions. The turbine-type pre-cleaner, for example, increases engine air filter life when working in excessive debris conditions. An automatic reversing fan reduces debris build-up in the radiator and engine enclosure at a predetermined interval – without the need for operator input.

The other new Cat dozer, D7, has a fully automatic, four-speed transmission that delivers optimal fuel and dozing efficiency, plus ease of operation. At 265 horsepower and an operating weight of 65,644 pounds – 12 percent more horsepower and 6 percent more weight – D7 can move up to 8 percent more material per hour than the D7E model it replaces. It also features 10-percent more blade capacity.

A completely redesigned cab raises the standard in comfort and productivity, and an industry-leading variety of easy-to-use technology offerings enable owners to get the most from their equipment investment.

Slope Indicate is standard with the premium display package, showing machine main fall and cross-slope for easy reference. Attachment Ready Option (ARO) with Assist is bundled with basic blade control and a new set of assist features that work in the background to help operators get more done in less time.

Customers can also add factory integrated Cat GRADE with 3D. Advanced Inertial Measuring Units (IMU) provide greater speed and accuracy without position sensing cylinders. An intuitive, 10-inch GRADE operator interface works like a smart phone, making it easy for operators to pick up quickly. The Android OS platform allows installation of custom apps for more versatility.

D7 is Remote Control Ready from the factory. Internal components are integrated into machine systems and an external connector allows dealer installation of a plug-and-play, roof-mounted, remote-control unit.


Caterpillar, (888) 614-4328, cat.com

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