July 2020 Vol. 75 No. 7

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Avanti/US Grout Partnership Produces Latest Ultrafine Cementitious Grout

For nearly 20 years, Avanti International and US Grout have partnered to offer Ultrafine: a permanent, deeply penetrating, densely curing cementitious grout for sealing fractures in rock, controlling groundwater, and stabilizing weak soils.

Ultrafine cementitious grouts are composed of a finely ground mixture of Portland cement, a pumice pozzolan charge to ignite a secondary reaction that strengthens and densifies the cure, and dispersant. Processing technologies refine the components to an average particle size of 3 microns – a stark contrast to typical particle sizes of 60 to 70 microns in conventional cements.

Efforts to expand the grout’s application in a wider variety of soil types led to development of the latest version: Ultrafine VX. Formulated with a variable-dose, liquid super-plasticizer, as an accelerant and dispersant that expands the geologic effectiveness range of the grout, VX penetrates smaller fractures and finer-grained soils.

Other features and benefits include minimal bleed, non-hazardous materials, very high compressive strengths, and low permeability for reduced hydraulic conductivity and extended longevity. Upon delivery, the grout is ready to mix with the liquid super-plasticizer (USG-Super), so project engineers can adjust its rheology, in the field, for optimal effectiveness with specific soil types.


Avanti International, Inc. (800) 877-2570, avantigrout.com


Picote Solutions Launches Next-Level 3D Pipeline Cleaning Chain

Picote Solutions launched a new range of pipeline Cleaning Chains that are designed to enable pipeline engineers and drainage operators to swap set-up time onsite for working time in the pipe.

These Cleaning Chains are self-adjusting so that within different diameters they can effectively clean the pipe, eliminating the need to keep multiple chains onboard the support vehicle. It also means less tooling to carry and fewer chain changes or adjustments as pipe diameters change, from site to site or within the same pipe length.

They come in three sizes: a smaller chain that is capable of cleaning pipe from 50- to 75-millimeter diameter, a mid-range for working in pipes from 70- to 100-millimeter diameter and the larger chain with the capacity to clean pipes from 100 to 150 millimeters.

Available in two models, the Premium version incorporates the proven and unique Picote u-carbide teeth configuration that’s used where more aggressive cleaning may be needed, and the structure of the pipe is known to be stable and secure.

The PVC Version, without carbides, is less aggressive and may be the more practical and safer choice when the condition of the pipe is less stable or unknown, due to the inability to survey it prior to the cleaning operation.

Each 3D Cleaning Chain comes with a built-in leader, which makes it easier to use and reduces shaft wear during operation. They are self-adjusting, depending on the speed of rotation applied, in that the design allows the chain to continue expanding during the cleaning operation, up to the maximum diameter of the chain model being used as scale and detritus are removed from the pipe wall.


Picote Solutions, +44 (0)7827 223237, picotesolutions.com


Madewell Signs Four New Rep Firms

Madewell Products Corporation has added four new independent representative organizations in strategic geographic areas of North America. Each firm is well-established, experienced, and knowledgeable of the industries Madewell chooses to compete in: wastewater, stormwater, underground tanks, and tunnels.

The rep companies and their geographic responsibilities are as follows:

  • North Bay Waterworks – Northern California and Nevada
  • Carter Equipment and Specialty Products – Florida
  • KenKo Company – Colorado, Montana, New Mexico
  • Go Trenchless Zone – Eastern Canada

In preparation, each organization received an arsenal of tools including product samples, specifications, tech bulletins, and application guidelines for structural restoration and corrosion protection, and rigorous virtual training sessions are underway. Education is the way forward for the Mainstay-branded products and processes.


Madewell Products Corporation. (800) 741-8199, madewell.net


SAERTEX multiCom Names New General Manager

Klaus Langenbach is the new general manager of SAERTEX multiCom LP, based in Huntersville, N.C. He is responsible for developing the current market, creating a larger customer base, redirecting the company’s focus to understand market needs, and creating new products and services.

Langenbach joined SAERTEX multiCom’s U.S. operations as business development manager in April 2019. He brings extensive leadership and CIPP experience to his new role, having worked for many years with teams of business development managers, engineers and technicians in the pipe rehabilitation industry, in North America and Asia.

SAERTEX multiCom GmbH, headquartered in Saerbeck, Germany.


Saertex multiCom LP (USA), (704) 584-4059, saertex-multicom.com

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