March 2020 Vol. 75 No. 3

New Products

New Products

CASE Launches All-New B Series Compact Track Loaders and Skid Steers

CASE Construction Equipment launched its next generation of compact track loaders (CTLs) and skid steers with the introduction of the B Series – five CTLs and eight skid steers spanning radial and vertical lift patterns, as well as numerous horsepower and size classes to provide contractors with the equipment choices best-suited to their operation. 

B Series loaders feature a completely redesigned operator interface, including new left- and right-hand posts (all models) with simple ignition, push-button operation, easy throttle control and intuitive switches for all core machine functions. Contractors may choose between standard mechanical, mechanical hand-and-foot, and electro-hydraulic controls when specifying a machine.

A multi-function display comes with all electro-hydraulic models – and can be added to mechanical configurations for use with the backup camera and operational displays. Electro-hydraulic models provide the additional simplicity of switching between ISO and H operating patterns with the simple push of a button.

The new eight-inch LCD multi-function display serves as the command center for the machine. It includes the industry’s only backup camera visible in a split screen display with machine data. Operational in both forward and reverse, the camera enhances the B Series’ industry-leading visibility with even greater job-site perspective and awareness.

It also provides operators with the most fully functioned operator experience ever found in a CASE CTL or skid steer, including new:

  • Electro-Hydraulic Control Performance allows operators to set total machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive, or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as loader arm and drive control, to best meet the demands of the job.
  • “Creep Speed” Capability allows the operator to set machine speed at a consistent/slow “creep” while independently setting attachment speed via the throttle for optimal use of high-capacity hydraulic attachments, such as cold planers and brooms.
  • Operator Profiles can be stored and recalled to match either individual operator preference or job types.
  • Economy Mode and Engine Protection Settings extend the life and performance of the engine, battery and other critical systems.
  • Automotive-Style Information Display provides fleet managers and operators greater insight into machine performance.
  • New and Improved Fault Codes and Troubleshooting, with descriptive text, help better identify specific machine issues through and make it easier to communicate with the dealer to determine next steps, if necessary.

Industry-leading, 360-degree visibility comes from the low entry threshold and large front window, to the front of the machine and down to the attachment. Large side windows and a large curved rear window allow for great sightlines to the sides and the rear of the machine. Rear visibility is further aided by low-profile rear hoods, and an extremely low-profile H-Link on vertical-lift models that doesn’t impede visibility to the rear, compared with select competitive equipment.

All B Series models (except the SR160B) feature a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) design with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) that requires no fluids or lifetime filter maintenance. The other option is a CEGR design with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment (on 90 horsepower units) that also requires no lifetime filter maintenance but does require filling with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), as needed.


Case Construction Equipment, (262) 636-6772,



Dynamic Modifiers

Dynamic Modifiers LLC, a specialty polyolefin polymer compounder, introduced a state-of–the-art, non-halogenated compound for demanding industrial and commercial uses.

The new PAL VersaCHAR compound is also on the leading edge of the flame-retardant market. Flame causes char bodies to rapidly form on the compound surface, protecting against additional flame and delaying heat transfer. It’s been tested to 1,950 degrees C, with no polymer flaming drips, and has passed ASTM E84 (Class A) with a 15/10 rating, including “clean” smoke generation of only 2.3 percent of allowable ASTM smoke limits.

In addition, the compound is lightweight, at 1.0 specific gravity; 100 percent non-toxic in every respect, including heavy metals, halogens or VOCs; fully sustainable; and LEED capable. Other properties include, excellent cold crack performance, hydrophobic, printable, extreme chemical resistance and customizable for specific needs, such as UV or antimicrobial uses as volume warrants.

PAL VersaCHAR compound can be produced as a flexible film, sheet, coated fabric, molded to shape or over-molded to most materials, including metal for corrosion resistance. As a polymeric compound, it can be cast or calendered.

Typical durometers from 80-99A, for flexible up to highly rigid formats, are practical. Separately, an adhesive was created that bonds to many surfaces. In evaluations of two laminated plies of woven carbon fiber and two plies of fiberglass fabrics, both passed a 60-second vertical burn with no ply separation, distortion or flaming drips from the adhesive.


GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems introduced Fuseal Fast-Lock, a mechanical joint system for waste drainage systems that significantly reduces installation time and costs. 

The system includes new fittings, sizes 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches, in flame-retardant Fuseal polypropylene that connects with both flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant pipes. The only tool needed for installation is an off-the-shelf, cordless drill or hand tool.

"Fast-Lock is different from anything else on the market. Somewhat similar products require more steps and are, therefore, more time-consuming," explained Alphonse Anderson, product manager-engineered piping systems for GF Piping Systems. "The new system fulfills a market need for an easier-than-ever method of corrosive waste piping installation. For contractors, time is money, so any savings on labor is highly valued."

The system is pressure rated due to the design of the sealing and clamping mechanism of the Fast-Lock Collar. This maintains proper operation of vacuum and pumped draining systems that have intermittent pressure requirements.

Fast-Lock also features a small diameter of the outer collar, which not only allows installation in tighter spaces, but also makes system layout easier for contractors and piping designers. Coming standard with the mechanical joint collar, the Fuseal Fast-Lock system can be easily converted to an electrofusion joint by changing to an electrofusion collar in the field.



CASE Construction Equipment’s F Series compact wheel loaders are now available with a rugged, four-post, ROPS/FOPS-compliant open-canopy option that offers excellent visibility to all sides of the machine and includes the same, new, upgraded electrohydraulic controls as the enclosed-cab configuration. 

In addition to visibility, the F Series provides operators with more reach, lift capacity and comfort compared to other light equipment. Featuring CASE’s proven, maintenance-free Tier 4 Final solution, these machines require no regeneration or related downtime. A compact frame and articulating rear axle provide stable lifting strength of more than 8,300 pounds at full height.

Basic operating specs for F Series models:

  • 21F: 11,272 pounds operating weight; 5,287 pounds lift capacity
  • 121F: 11,618 pounds operating weight; 5,265 pounds lift capacity
  • 221F: 12,547 pounds operating weight; 8,317 pounds lift capacity
  • 321F: 13,303 pounds operating weight; 8,354 pounds lift capacity

F Series compact wheel loaders offer multiple couplers and auxiliary hydraulic options for increased attachment compatibility. Standard Z-bar linkage provides greater breakout force. XT linkage provides select models with parallel lift or bi-directional self-leveling when using forks and other lifting attachments for loading or lift-and-carry applications. Certain models also feature high-speed axles for travel speeds up to 20.6 miles per hour.



The new 326 next-generation excavator delivers premium performance with integrated, simple-to-use technologies boosting efficiencies up to 45 percent over previous models. This 26-ton class model delivers improved fuel savings, lower maintenance costs, increased operator comfort with all-new cab designs, and high reliability at a low, cost-per-hour performance. 

From remote start using a Bluetooth key fob or the unique Operator ID function, to operator-specific programming of power mode and joystick preferences, the excavator is easier to operate than ever before. The machine’s 8-inch (203-mm), high-resolution touchscreen monitor delivers intuitive navigation through the menus and includes a digital version of the operator’s manual.

Meeting the most stringent emissions standards, the field-proven Cat 7.1 engine efficiently powers the new excavator with up to 15-percent lower fuel consumption, compared to the F Series. The 326 features three, selectable power modes and one-touch, low idle with automatic engine speed control. It also boasts a standard, high-ambient-temperature operating capacity of 125 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius) and cold start capacity of 0 degrees F (–18 degrees C).

An advanced hydraulic system provides optimum balance of power and efficiency, while giving the operator complete control of excavating precision. The 12-percent improvement in swing torque makes the machine easier to swing, especially on inclines with fully loaded buckets. SMART-mode operation automatically matches engine speed and hydraulic power to digging conditions, while offering an additional 5-percent fuel savings without impacting productivity.

Standard technologies include Cat Grade with 2D system, which allows operators to reach desired grade quickly and accurately by guiding depth, slope and horizontal distance grade. Grade Assist allows operators to effortlessly stay on grade with the use of a single lever, while Bucket Assist automatically maintains the angle in sloping, leveling, fine grading and trenching applications. Innovative Swing Assist automatically stops excavator swing at predefined set points for truck loading and trenching.

The Cat 326 Next Gen excavator also surpasses the 326F with 20-percent lower maintenance costs. All the daily maintenance checks are quickly and safely performed at ground-level, and filter life and maintenance intervals are checked via the in-cab monitor.


Prime Horizontal

Prime Horizontal introduced the latest in a long line of products for the HDD market, a guidance tool for unrivaled accuracy; ParaTrack Gyro Module. With no concern of magnetic interference from nearby active utility lines, shore piles, ship traffic or any other transportation activity, drilling may be carried out confidently, regardless of surrounding conditions.

The ParaTrack Gyro Module runs in conjunction with the ParaTrack Steering Tool, providing the ability to tie in with the entire ParaTrack System of tools and software.

As a north-seeking gyro system, the module is especially effective for initial surface entry, while absolute position may then be verified via the ParaTrack-2 Guide Wire or Beacon Tracker. This provides confidence that the bore is measured accurately along the bore path, as well as relative to the planned exit location prior to punch out.

ParaTrack Gyro Module is ideal for intersects in areas with no surface coil. There’s no need for separate shock-absorbing tools or for calibration every two hours, and no issues with import and export into various countries since it can be hand carried and transported easily in a rifle case.

Since 1998, Prime Horizontal has provided products and knowledge to successfully complete a full range of HDD intersect drilling and CBM projects, whether they require guidance services, downhole tooling, rig data recording systems, automatic mud viscosity measuring systems or bespoke developments.


Harper Industries

DewEze Hydraulics unveiled its newest solution to the reel transport market – the Reel Winder. This upgraded component to the Reel Transport Bed features an integrated flow control to hydraulically take up and payout cable or wire in a one-man operation. 

Released in 1998, the DewEze Reel Transport Bed equipped a pair of risers and an arbor to self-load reels without the need for a trailer. The bed offered unparalleled versatility for the utility and telecommunication workforce, making jobs safer and more efficient. But with the increase in demand for underground construction projects, DewEze went back to the drawing board.

“Our goal with the Reel Winder was to create a product that would increase the value of your fleets class 3-5 vehicles, enabling them to be more than just tool storage” said Drew Gerber, vice president of Product. “Workforce shortages and CDL requirements create challenges for growth. The Reel Transport Bed helps alleviate those labor challenges by eliminating a vehicle in the fleet and reassigning teams, while cutting operational costs.”

The redesign gives operators more control when lifting a variety of reels. Under-the-hood hydraulics power the arms on the bed to span from 53 to 28 inches, offering flexibility in heavy lifting jobs. Tapping into the bed’s tool circuit powers the reel winder and makes quick work of any pulling job.

“We use it for everything,” said Mike Olberding, operations manager for DS&O Electric Coop. “The RT Bed is a workhorse – from pulling poles, stringing wire and throwing rock – there’s just so many things you can do with the bed you’ve never done before.”

The RT Bed is available in four core combinations: risers and reel bar, spindle system, overspin brake and reel power winder.



When Sundbergs Åkeri, a Swedish plant and trucking company, chose equipment for its newly acquired Cat 330 Next Gen 30-ton excavator in early 2019, it included a tilt rotator manufactured by Engcon. Together with a custom-built excavator blade from Nyströms Verkstadsservice, Sundbergs Åkeri now has a one-of-a-kind excavator that delivers significant improvements in efficiency with the company’s road construction work. 

Until now, it has been uncommon to use an excavator with a tilt rotator, but so far it has brought only benefits, especially in combination with the front blade.

“I haven't driven more than a couple of hundred hours, but this is how an excavator should be,” said Kristoffer Westman, excavator operator at Sundbergs Åkeri. “The tilt rotator complements the front blade very well as I can use it to rotate the grading bucket to a position where it acts as a wing along the front blade. That way I can either steer in or out of the ground from the embankment.”

Westman’s new Cat 330 is also equipped with Engcon's automatic, quick-mounting system with EC-Oil.

“Thanks to EC-Oil, it only takes 10 seconds for me to hang the tilt rotator and switch to the tooth bucket in case I need extra breaking power. This is without me even having to leave the cab to connect some hoses,” he added.

The new excavator is currently being used in the construction of a new forest road west of Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden. The front blade is controlled via Engcon's proportional joysticks MIG2, which means the operator does not need to change the grip to dig or excavate. The control of the tracks is also connected to Engcon's control system DC2.

Based in Strömsund, Sweden, Engcon manufactures and sells its tilt rotators, quick couplers, control systems and tools for excavators throughout North America, Europe and Australia. The company is the world leader in tilt rotators and their attachments for excavators in the 1.5- to 33-metric -on range.

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