November 2020 Vol. 75 No. 11

New Products


In today's litigious and safety-conscious society, critical pipeline integrity decisions cannot be based solely on visual inspection. Any pipeline damage or installation mistake must be accurately documented before taking any action.  

PLCS offers two tools that make it easier to maintain pipelines, while saving money. 

Electronic Pipe Wall Damage Indicator

Electronic Pipe Wall Damage Indicator measures the depth of a pipe gouge with a simple press of the button. It’s used by area supervisors, foreman, installers, or inspectors who need to decide about cutting out a section of damaged pipe or leaving it. Damage must be removed if it’s 10 percent or more of the pipe’s total wall thickness. 

The self-contained, fully portable tool offers instant measurement of damage to 3/4- to 20-inch polyethylene (PE) or steel pipe, via a digital readout that is accurate to 0.0008-inch or less 

Valuable for reducing unnecessary cutouts, saving money, and maintaining safe pipeline integrity, especially in lengthy coil pipe installations. It also works on flat surfaces. 

PE Fusion Bead Gauge

The second tool, PE Fusion Bead Gauge, is a simple, pocket-sized device that makes sure the bead on 2- to 12-inch PE pipe sections is in its thickness tolerance, without using a ruler or calipers. 

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