May 2021 Vol. 76 No.5


FIRST LOOK: Subsite Introduces Powerful, Diverse HDD Guidance System

By: Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

Subsite Electronics has introduced a new horizontal directional drilling (HDD) guidance system that is designed to perform effectively in areas with high levels of electrical interference. 

“With multiple user interface options and multiple tracking modes, the Marksman HDD Guidance System offers the widest frequency range in multiple power levels in the industry,” said Alex Wagner, Subsite product marketing manager. “Marksman’s bore path analyzer scans to identify the most usable frequencies, selecting the best choice to avoid interference.” 

The Marksman is designed to operate with Ditch Which HDD models and other brands of equipment. It is available at Ditch Witch dealerships. 

Wagner said that in addition to its wide range of frequencies offering 64 power levels and frequency combinations, it incorporates the new M17-plus beacon. 

He emphasized that this new guidance system offers improved communication between the tracker and beacon at extended depths to more than 130 feet. The beacon’s dual-power mode offers consistent performance across various housing sizes, and calibration speeds have also been increased. 

The Marksman can be operated either in a walk-over or drill-to mode and has a 2,000-foot range between tracker and drill unit. The drill-to mode enables the drill operator to make real-time corrections during the boring process. 


“Ease of use is another key element in the design of the Marksman system,” Wagner said. “The tracker is operated with a single toggle control – there are no extra buttons or triggers. 

“The system also gives operators their choice of user interface. The all-new Marksman View is displayed on a five-inch display. The system is easy to learn, with intuitive graphics and clear data presentation. Those already familiar with Subsite trackers will recognize the Classic View interface. The streamlined controls and choice of user-friendly interfaces work together to help operators be more productive from the first day.” 

An integrated GPS is standard, with the capability of connecting to an external GPS, and with the new Marksman View, drillers can use the interface of their choice. 

The Marksman+ Tracker comes standard with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Marksman systems have multiple case and stand options that have been widely accepted by Subsite customers. Marksman trackers are guaranteed for one year with a three-year, 750-hour beacon warranty. 

And the Marksman does not replace any product in the Subsite line of HDD tracking equipment. Details are available by calling Subsite directly. 

“It is a stand-alone tracking system, but designed to allow current TK Recon customers, including those who own a Commander 7, or Ditch Witch users who own drills with integrated displays, to retain their displays,” he said. 

Based in Perry, Okla., Subsite Electronics offers utility locators, HDD trackers and utility inspection systems. 



Subsite, (800) 846-271, 

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