May 2021 Vol. 76 No.5

New Products

New Products


Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) can help quickly transform construction job sites into highly efficient operations. Incorporating a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, iMC lets contractors take advantage of productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job-site design. 

Both the Komatsu D51i-24 (131-horsepower) and D61i-24 (168-horsepower) dozers are now available with iMC 2.0, which provides a number of benefits. 

For example, with proactive dozing control, even less-experienced operators can automatically cut/strip from existing terrain. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass, improving productivity by up to 60 percent versus previous generation. 

Lift layer control automatically lets operators spread fill from existing terrain with the press of a button, enabling consistent layers for compaction quality. 

Tilt steering control automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing, reducing operator steering input by up to 80 percent. 

With quick surface creation, operators can create a temporary design surface with the press of a button. 

From automatic dozing, rough cut, to finish grade, iMC-equipped Komatsu dozers help make every pass count for superior production, compared to traditional aftermarket systems. 


Volvo Construction Equipment unveiled the 14-ton EX03 wheeled excavator, its first electric prototype in the mid-size excavator range. With low noise, zero exhaust emissions and reduced maintenance needs, the EX03 represents the future for safer and more environmentally responsible construction sites. 

Based on cutting-edge technology and product design, the 14-ton EX03 wheeled excavator prototype is the next stage in the company’s electromobility journey, following previous iterations of the smaller fully electric EX02 concept electric excavator. 

A striking feature is the video screen on the back of the machine that has three configurations: 

  • Real-time video stream from the front of the machine, allowing vehicles behind it to clearly see ahead when driving on public highways.
  • Text-based safety screen alerting workers on-site to left and right movement or reversing.
  • Safety communication livestream enabling the operator to make eye contact with pedestrians and workers, minimizing misunderstandings and increasing safety.

While the EX03 is still in the concept stage with no current plans to bring it to market, the company is planning to test a similar version in customer pilots. 

General Machine 

General Machine Products (GMP) has added the Zip Inner Duct Slitter (ZIDS) to its product line, as the most efficient, safest, and convenient tool for duct splitting in the market today. 

Five times faster than traditional methods, ZIDS can easily cut through 1/2-inch pipe walls with minimal effort. It can also cut in any direction and with a high speed of up to 25,000 revolutions per minute. 

Patent pending in regard to the protective nature of the tool that prevents fiber damage when in use, the primary factor that distinguishes ZIDS and further adds value is the 5/16-inch cutting diameter. 

Another new product is GMP’s exclusive line of nylon and rubber Econo Blocks. These affordable and rugged blocks support fiber optic cables during pullout, preventing them from catching or snagging on new construction sites or over-lash jobs. 

Other features include: 

  • Frames are made from welded steel
  • Easy clip-on design makes for fast work when time is money
  • The glass-filled nylon rollers are forgiving of field abuse
  • The compliant 3-inch rubber roller reduces the chance of damage to cable during pullout
  • All steel parts are zinc plated for corrosion resistance

Three models are available, with one for use on new construction or over-lashing. P/N 74050 is a 1-pound, 1-inch nylon roller that fits over existing cable bundles up to 2 inches. 

For new construction only, the 1.4-pound, 1-inch P/N 74052 nylon roller supports two cables with diameters up to 1 inch. P/N 74051 is a 1.8-pound, 3-inch rubber roller for cable diameters up to 3 inches. 


The latest member of Kubota Tractor Corporation’s compact track loader line, SVL97-2, offers increased productivity coupled with Kubota’s tradition of reliability. 

With a 96-horsepower engine and rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds (at 35-percent tipping load), SVL97-2 outperforms the competition – boasting an impressive 7,961 pounds of breakout force and 3.4-foot reach at maximum height. 

Key improvements include a re-engineered DEF system and upgraded in-cab sealing to reduce the amount of dust, water and debris entering the operating space. 

Plus, it comes standard with telematics, offering the ability to monitor the machine’s health and location, and providing peace of mind and added protection. 

DAE Pumps 

DAE Pumps, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty pumps used for construction, mining, dredging, and many other industries, added the Appalachian Dewatering Surface Pump to its extensive product line. 

These vacuum prime centrifugal pumps offer high-performance pumping to support a variety of applications, such as emergency flood control, site drainage, wash plants, sewage bypass, and other dewatering situations. 

They process up to 9,510 gallons per minute with as large as a 285-horsepower engine and models that reach a maximum head of 500 feet. 

Available in various sizes – 3 inches to 12 inches – the pumps handle solids up to 3.5 inches while moving fluids. Their durable and compact design allows for easy transportation via trailer mounts that come standard. Sound-proof models are also available. 

“The Appalachian Pumps are the type of pump our customers in dewatering can get excited about,” said Tim Sawyer, product engineer team manager at DAE Pumps. “They are powerful and reliable pumps that can move liquids quickly while easily handling the additional material that traditionally clogs and destroys other pumps.” 


Polywater, a leading specialty chemical manufacturer for the electrical and telecommunications industries based in Stillwater, Minn., has introduced a line of sealing systems developed in collaboration with Hauff-Technik Gmbh & Co. KG, based in Hermaringen, Germany. 

The product line of mechanical seals and infrastructure entrances are adaptable, high-quality and innovative, and will benefit a broad range of industry sectors. 

PHSD SSG SL and PHRD-SG are standard mechanical seals designed with super segmented and segmented ring technology, respectively, to save labor and reduce inventory. 

This feature allows one seal to accommodate a range of cable or pipe sizes and enables field crews to easily adjust the seal to fit the outer diameter (OD) onsite. The unique split design allows use on already laid cables and pipes, or on new construction. Durable stainless steel and rubbers are rodent resistant. 

The company also introduced BonDuit, a UL-recognized component for creating strong bonds with HDPE conduit, indoors or outdoors. 

It complies with the requirements of Polymeric Materials for use in Electrical Equipment. BonDuit is tested under CCN QOQW2 using UL Method 746A. 

This product offers a superior, easy-to-apply alternative to joining polyethylene duct (PE pipe) to PVC, fiberglass, and metal conduits using mechanical couplings. The rapid-cure, two-part resin adhesive forms a strong water- and air-tight seal and helps meet the NEC 353 code for transitioning aboveground and to PVC or galvanized rigid steel. 

An XL version provides an excellent option for 3-inch (75 mm) conduits and larger and allows a longer work time. 

All adhesive kit types deliver a durable bond that can withstand movement and vibration and are ideal for installation along roadsides or near electrical equipment like transformers or switchgear. 


Kubota Updates Wheel Loader Lineup with New R540, R640 Models 

New Models Feature Increased Lift Performance and Panoramic Views 

Kubota Tractor Corporation has updated its wheel loader lineup. 

Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the job site, new R540 and R640 models provide increased weight and improved lift performance over the previous generation. Featuring a 64-horsepower Tier 4 Final engine, R640 boasts an operating weight of 11,563 pounds and delivers a maximum breakout force of 9,869 pounds and 8,161 pounds of lifting capacity. 

With a 54-horsepower Tier 4 Final engine, the R540 has an operating weight of 10,285 pounds and delivers a maximum breakout force of 8,183 pounds and 6,767 pounds of lifting capacity. 

The next-generation wheel loaders are available in both canopy and cab models and feature improved visibility and safety, and enhanced operator comfort. 

In addition to enlarged windows, the arms of these models have been redesigned for better visibility when connecting attachments with the hydraulic coupler, enabling operators to connect attachments without getting out of the cab. With new delta-shaped loader arms that run parallel and become narrow at the cab and widen at the end of the loader arms, operator visibility is enhanced when the bucket is lifted at full height. 

Inside the cabs, a wide range of comfort features reduce operator fatigue and boost productivity. By moving the reconfigured console and switch layout to the right side of the cabin, operators have more foot and leg room, and all controls are just a finger touch away. 

LiuGong North America 

LiuGong North America, headquartered in Katy, Texas, launched the first of its new F-series excavators. The 1.8-metric-ton, mini-class, 9018F represents the smallest of the powerfully efficient LiuGong F-Series excavator models. 

The unit is available with both a FOPS-rated closed pressurized cab, featuring heater and window defroster, as well as a TOPS-rated canopy design. The closed cab 9018F version stands just 7 feet 9 inches tall, resulting in a lower height that all but eliminates headspace concerns while traveling through tunnels and beneath overpasses. 

The 9018F’s short stature, combined with a retractable undercarriage, give its operator access to the most restrictive workspaces. Its 51-inch outside-tread-to-outside-tread measurement retracts to just 39 inches, allowing it to easily pass between onsite obstructions and through almost any bay door. 

“Its versatility is not solely a result of its compact size,” said Mike Watt, product manager, LiuGong NA Excavators. “The 9018F is a powerful, robust base unit for a variety of attachments, and supports the installation of consumer-requested aftermarket add-ons.” 

Back-filling or dozer operation no longer requires the operator to remove his or her hand from blade control to change travel speed. By simply pressing the top of the handle, an operator can now select high or low speed travel. 

Standard 9018F features include a low-speed, high-torque, Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine rated at 18 gross horsepower (17 net horsepower), as well as auto-idle and auto shutdown. 

Better fuel consumption is achieved through a more efficient hydraulic system using 15- to 20-percent less engine power than its predecessor. An improved load-sensitive hydraulic system, with 14.5-gallon-per-minute main pump displacement, utilizes a proportional control valve for better management of flow distribution for all attachments. 

Flow rate for the hammer-shear and hydraulic thumb is set right from the operator’s monitor. A LiuGong hydraulic thumb (“bucket grabber”) comes standard with the unit. 

Travel pedals and joysticks give an operator hydraulic control for machine functions: travel, boom, boom swing, arm, and bucket. Auxiliary hydraulic functions are controlled by electrical proportional solenoids for precise control. 

Denso’s New Bore-Wrap A Field-Applied Abrasion Resistant Outerwrap 

Denso North America’s latest innovation, Bore-Wrap, is an abrasion-resistant outerwrap (ARO) that has outstanding performance against impact, gouge, abrasion and fracture. 

Bore-Wrap creates a superior sacrificial outer laminate layer, which protects both pre-approved field joint coatings and mainline coatings (such as, liquid epoxy coatings, 3LPE, 3LPP and FBE coatings) from damage during pipeline installations, in difficult terrain or by means of trenchless installation methods, such as directional drilling, HDD or boring. 

The product is easily applied in the field. No mixing is required; it is simply wrapped over the existing pipeline coating and cured with water. Due to its flexibility and exceptional level of mechanical protection, Bore-Wrap minimizes the need for costly spot repairs or re-pulling pipe from damage. 

Denso's anti-corrosion and sealing products have a proven track record of solving problems in all kinds of challenging environments worldwide, above or below ground and underwater. These products and systems are backed by a team of qualified professionals who provide technical support and onsite guidance. 


Denso North America, (888) 821-2300; 

New Ditch Witch All-Terrain Directional Drill Boosts Productivity 

To enhance utility contractors’ productivity while drilling through hard rock, Ditch Witch has introduced the AT32 all-terrain horizontal directional drill (HDD). The newly designed mid-size drill replaces the AT30 and provides greater power and easier system operation for increased efficiency and profitability. 

The AT32 features 4,200 foot-pounds of outer rotational torque and 1,200 foot-pounds of inner rotational torque – 29-percent and 50-percent more, respectively, than its predecessor – to help contractors stay productive on the job. 

With 32,000 pounds (150 kW) of thrust and pullback, AT32 provides the power and stability necessary for efficient installations through tough ground conditions. The drill is powered by a 155-horsepower Cummins Stage V diesel engine that meets European emissions standards for a cleaner job site. 

Further improving productivity downhole, AT32 features a new rod loading system that gives operators the ability to carry 450 feet of all-terrain drill pipe on board – 30-percent more than the AT30 – and manually insert additional sticks of pipe when running low. 

In addition, a higher-powered fluid pump helps contractors get the most out of their machine by providing 40-percent more fluid flow to help operators stay productive on longer bores with larger diameters. It also allows for better efficiency with less wear and tear on your downhole tooling. 

“The AT32 is in a class of its own,” said Jeff Davis, Ditch Witch HDD product marketing manager. “It fills a gap in the mid-size HDD market, bringing full-size power to the job site without the full-size footprint. The result is a more accessible, compact and versatile machine that provides boosted productivity on a variety of rural and urban jobsites.” 

AT32 follows the same modern design evolution as the latest Ditch Witch directional drills to enhance operator comfortability and ease operator use. The consistent design also makes it easy for current customers to step into the machine and instantly be familiar with its controls, features and operator platform, which boosts uptime. 

The drill also comes with Ditch Witch’s Orange Intel Fleet Management System, which delivers centralized fleet and machine information, maintenance indicators, and critical performance insights. 


Ditch Witch, (580) 336-4402, 

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