May 2021 Vol. 76 No.5

Rehab Technology

Rehab Technology Spotlight: Manhole & Pipe Coatings

AP/M Permaform 

For over 40 years, APM has produced high-quality products for sewer line repair and seamless manhole concrete pipe restoration. The Permaform system and resourceful solutions make it easy to replace manhole concrete pipes without having to excavate and negatively affect the structural integrity of the area. 

To simply reinforce and seal the pipe liner of a brick or concrete drainpipe or sewer pipe, we carry our specialty Permacast Mortars. The unique CentriPipe system provides waterproofing, sealing, structural reinforcement, and corrosion protection for sanitary and storm culverts without trenching, while providing savings. 

(515) 276-9610, 


Cherne Air-Loc Bladder Style Manhole Testers provide an efficient, cost-effective method of testing new, existing and rehabilitated manholes, per ASTM C 1244. 

Supported by an aluminum brace, the testers seal the inside diameter of the manhole at the frame or core. The push-pin rod design enables easy depth adjustment. A remote inflation and monitoring system keeps users away from the danger zone. 

These testers are available in 10 variations. 

(800) 321-9532, 

Raven Lining Systems 

Raven Lining Systems (a PPG Brand, a subsidiary of PPG Industries, Inc.) is an industry leader in water, wastewater and manhole rehabilitation. For more than three decades, we have offered engineered solutions for corrosion resistance and inflow and infiltration (I&I) elimination. 

Our products have proven to stand the test of time, providing superior quality, reliability and a network of certified applicators. Raven 405, along with our AquataFlex series, offer superior adhesion and corrosion protection, and are 100-percent-solids eco-friendly coatings. 

(913) 321-9000, 


Sauereisen produces corrosion barriers and substrate repair materials for the protection and restoration of wastewater infrastructure. Our expertise with brick and concrete manholes includes resistance to acidic environments and prevention of water inflow and infiltration (I&I). We’re at the forefront of advancing plural-component installation methods that allow manhole restoration projects to proceed quicker. 

As a 100-percent-solids epoxy polymer, 210XHB is specified to protect infrastructure throughout the wastewater industry. SewerGard 210XHB is a fast-setting, high-strength lining that enables high-build capabilities from 10 mils up to 300 mils in a single coat. Applications range from manholes and lift stations to tankage, structural steel, digesters, clarifiers and secondary containment. 

(412) 963-0303, 

Sealing Systems 

Flex-Seal 2.0 is a state-of-the-art, hybrid elastomer with over 800-percent elongation. It is designed to prevent inflow and infiltration (I&I) and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section. 

Flex-Seal 2.0 provides an excellent seal and will pass a vacuum test according to ASTM standards. 

(800) 478-2054, 


SpectraGrout is a single component, hydrophilic polyurethane resin designed to repair cracks, seal around pipe penetrations, open joints and stop leaks in wastewater structures. The resin is a high-viscosity formula that reacts with water to create a dense foam, assuring that the grout will not readily flow out from the point of placement. The foam solidifies in minutes, stopping the leaks and filling the voids. 

The product is available in tubes, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. For superior performance at a lower cost, try SpectraGrout. 

(800) 284-2030, 

The Strong Company 

The Strong-Seal System offers engineered cementitious products, specifically designed to rehabilitate municipal concrete and masonry structures. Strong-Seal is the cost-effective solution for stopping inflow and infiltration (I&I), restoring structural integrity, and providing corrosion protection. 

When spray-applied to a minimum of ½-inch thickness, the Strong-Seal fiber-reinforced monolithic liners have strengths exceeding that of the original structure. Made with Portland cement, Strong-Seal MS-2A is the most cost-effective solution. The MS-2C product provides high early strengths and added corrosion protection in mild sulfide environments. 

Strong-Seal High Performance Mix is a pure-fused calcium aluminate mortar that protects against microbiologically induced corrosion in harsh sulfide conditions. 

(800) 982-8009, 

Warren Environmental 

Warren Environmental is a company with a passion for manufacturing superior epoxy coatings and patented spray technology. Our 301-14 high-performance products are a solvent-free, high-build epoxy series capable of increasing your asset’s service life by more than 75 years in highly corrosive sewer environments. 

We specially formulate our 301-14 epoxy to solve issues with corrosion, microbial attack, sewer gases, and abrasion, as well as to structurally enhance your infrastructure. These epoxies are proven and versatile, capable of overcoming your most challenging conditions. 

(508) 947-8539, 

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