Kontrol Technologies launches technology for early viral detection in wastewater systems

Kontrol Technologies Corp. has launched the development of Kontrol BioWater, an extension of its current Kontrol BioCloud technology, for early viral detection in water systems.

The company has budgeted $300,000 in research and development for the initial phase of development which includes modifying the current Kontrol BioCloud technology. The Kontrol BioWater viral detection system will utilize the core scientific technique of the BioCloud technology and will include a new proprietary sample extraction process for wastewater.

“We look forward to advancing the Kontrol BioWater technology. Kontrol has been an early adopter and innovator in the area of early viral detection monitoring, and we continue to invest in our technology solutions and platform,” Paul Ghezzi, CEO of Kontrol, said.

The Kontrol BioWater technology will be designed with the goal of being the first real-time, in the cloud, detection technology for virus in wastewater. The current process for the collection of wastewater sampling involves on-site technicians, transporting samples to a laboratory and then undertaking a separate analysis of the wastewater.

This process is time consuming and can take a number of days to complete. The intention of the Kontrol BioWater is to advance sampling automation for faster, on-site detection which can potentially accelerate a response plan.

“In our view, early viral detection is in its infancy, and we look forward to continuing to build our technology solutions to provide greater visibility, analytics and support for strategic initiatives undertaken by communities and governments,” Gary Saunders, president of Kontrol BioCloud, said.

Similar to the approach taken with the Kontrol BioCloud, the company will seek government funding to support its research and development. The company has demonstrated a successful track record in accessing Federal and Provincial funding for its Kontrol BioCloud technology. However, there is no assurance that the company will receive any further government funding.

The company is not making any express or implied claims that its product has the ability to eliminate, cure or contain the COVID-19 (or SARS-2 Coronavirus).

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