Enduro launches new advanced data logger for pipeline operators

(UC) — Enduro on Thursday announced the development of its Digitel Data Logger DW2 ILI (DdL DW2) pig, which features advanced IMU navigation equipment that complements its PigProg software containing GIS tools that connect to a system utilizing ArcGIS.

Pipeline operators are becoming more familiar with new regulations pertaining to CFR 192 and 195 compliance. Pipelines affected by these new regulations will need accurate mapping along with moderate consequence area (MCA) determination. Natural gas gathering and transmission pipelines also need to be updated. Moreover, urban sprawl and growing suburban neighborhoods are putting businesses and people into the 100-yard, 220-yard, and the potential impact radius (PIR) extents of active pipelines. 

With Enduro’s advancements in GIS, Class location, HCA, and MCA determination for Natural Gas pipelines is now a service the company offers. Enduro also has the expertise and tools to work with liquid pipeline operators for HCA determination using the Unusual Sensitive Area (USA) licensed datasets. As part of HCA determination for liquid pipelines, Enduro will provide overland spill analysis.

With accurate up-to-date HCA, MCA, and Class location analysis Enduro can better support its client’s Integrity Management Plans (IMP). Regulatory analysis is provided in the final report as well as the Spatial deliverables for GIS Integration.


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