Damage Prevention & Safety

EPA Reaches Settlement with Acme Foundry for Industrial Stormwater Violations

EPA Region 7 reached an administrative settlement with Acme Foundry, Inc to resolve industrial stormwater violations under the Clean Water Act. Under the settlement, Acme Foundry must comply with its industrial stormwater permit, pay a penalty of $28,975, and implement a Supplemental Environmental P..

New Pipeline Safety Proposal Contains Multiple New Requirements

Pipeline industry executives are pouring over the 500-plus page pipeline safety proposal from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), an effort that will take some time before informed comments can be made. The initial comment deadline is at the end of May. “The typical 6..

Northwest Gas Association to Contractors and Homeowners: Call 811 Before Digging

The Northwest Gas Association urges contractors and homeowners to “know what’s below” by calling 811 before digging. Idaho, Oregon and Washington law requires anyone who plans to dig more than 12 inches deep for any reason to call and notify 811 at least two business days prior to digging. Calling 8..

S&N Announces New Director Of Safety and Risk Management

S&N announced the hiring of Jannine Allen as the company’s new Director of Safety and Risk Management. Allen most recently served as the lead health and safety professional at Oconee Nuclear Station’s Major Projects organization in Seneca, SC. Prior to her time at Oconee Nuclear Station, Allen held ..

Slide Rail Shoring System Can Be Used In A Number Of Configurations

The Slide Rail Shoring System from American Shoring is a versatile sheeting system that can be used in a number of different configurations, namely the bore pit configuration, commonly used when contractors need to bore under a roadway, stream, or other obstacle. The Slide Rail System can be used at..

Contractor Installs Large Diameter Pipeline Aimed At Alleviating Flint Crisis With Long-Term Solution

In the wake of the Flint, MI water crisis, a huge spotlight has been turned on infrastructure in America – specifically the country’s miles-long network of aging underground water pipes. While there are new short-term efforts to bring fresh water into Flint, plans have been in the works for several ..

The DCA Safety Award: Building A Culture Of Safety

Each year the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) recognizes member contractors for achieving outstanding safety records the previous year. The DCA has been recognizing safe practices with the award since 1986. In recent years, about 85 companies have submitted entries. The award’s namesake,..

Efficiency's modular aluminum trench shielding system, Build-A-Box

Compatible with XLAP aluminum shields is Efficiency Production’s modular aluminum trench shielding system, Build-A-Box. Build-A-Box component panels, corner posts, and accessories can be transported in a pick-up truck, and easily assembled by hand into two, three, or 4-sided shielding configurations..

Flint Crisis Stirring Possible Congressional Action

The efforts in the Senate to address water infrastructure funding needs in the wake of the Flint crisis appear to have born their first fruits. At the end of February, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, announced an agreement with Sen. Debbie Stabenow (..

National Safe Digging Month 2016 One Call List

Whether you are a professional excavator, contractor, engineer or utility owner, you play an important role keeping people safe with every dig. Laws governing excavation vary by state, and they can be confusing. Answering the question, “Do I have to call 811?” can be difficult if you don’t understan..

INGAA, CEPA Boards Vote To Certify Pipeline Inspectors By 2018

The board of directors for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of American (INGAA) and INGAA Foundation, along with the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) and the CEPA Foundation, voted to endorse a program tailored to certify pipeline inspectors conducting work for their member companie..

Ring-O-Matic HiCFM 850VX offers greatest suction capability of their skid, truck, and trailer mounted designs

Ring-O-Matic HiCFM 850VX offers the greatest suction capability of their skid, truck, and trailer mounted designs. Applications for the HiCFM 850VX include key-holing or potholing buried utilities; cleaning out storm drains; catch basins; drilling fluids; valve boxes; slot trenching; or, assisting ..

Companies Pioneer Pipeline Safety Leadership Program Focused On Accountability, Culture

Caterpillar, in collaboration with PipeLine Machinery International, Inc. (PLM) and an assembly of industry-leading companies, announces the Pipeline Safety Leadership Program, a first-of-its-kind training course specifically targeting pipeliners. The program aims to support the industry as it shift..

FERC Investigates Potential Overcharging At Four Pipelines

It is not unprecedented that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) investigates potential overcharging at pipelines, as it announced it was doing in late January. But it doesn’t happen very frequently, just three other times since 2009. The agency announced on Jan. 21, that it will initia..

INGAA Board Reiterates Commitments, Supports Adoption Of Industry Standards

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) board of directors voted to reaffirm the organization’s commitment to underground natural gas storage integrity and accelerate implementation of industry storage standards in February. In addition, the board voted to support the Pipeline and..

Ditch Witch Introduces Online HDD Training Program

Ditch Witch has introduced a new online horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operation and safety training program for personnel at all skill levels and experience with directional drilling. The online Ditch Witch Certified Training Program is an industry first, said Greg Wolfe, Ditch Witch direct..

Minor Pipeline Provision In House Energy Bill

Federal agencies will have less of a chance to slow down applications for pipeline construction if the Senate passes the energy bill which cleared the House in December. The North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015 (H.R. 8) passed the House by a vote of 249-174, which means it h..

Underground Construction Initiatives Highlight 2016 DC Docket

by Stephen Barlas Washington Editor Amendment Would Allow Tax-Exempt Bonds For WIFIA loans There are a couple of major underground construction initiatives circulating in Congress and regulatory agencies this year. But the prospect of an upcoming presidential election means that many bills, which ..

General Equipment Company Introduces Improved Ventilation Blower

General Equipment Company introduces the EP16ACP axial-flow confined space improved ventilation blower, adding to its extensive line of hazardous and non-hazardous location ventilation blowers. This new unit features a 16-inch diameter inlet/outlet and delivers greater airflow than previous models o..

Saginaw Sewer Excavation Proves Tricky

The challenge for American was the need to excavate and expose both pipes which run parallel but at slightly different grades, then set up a system to support the concrete lines in order to dig out below the inverse of both pipes, and finally cast-in-place a new bypass junction chamber tying the tw..

Ring-O-Matic 550 Vacuum Excavator

Powered by an 81-hp CAT turbo diesel engine, the Ring-O-Matic 550 vacuum excavator features a 1,000-cfm blower and delivers 27-gpm at 2,700-psi up to 400-ft. with its 3/4-inch jetter hose. The trailer’s axels are rated to 16,000-lbs., allowing the 550-gallon spoils tank and 500-gallon freshwater tan..


Doosan introduced its first safety training videos for heavy equipment owners, operators, rental companies and dealers who own or operate articulated dump trucks (ADTs), crawler and wheel excavators or wheel loaders. “The goal is to help educate owners and operators about the importance of safety a..

McLaughlin Premiers Truck-Mounted Vac-Ex

by Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor McLaughlin introduced a new truck-mounted vacuum excavator at the 2015 ICUEE show in Louisville, KY. The primary market for the machine is expected to be horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors for cleaning up drilling fluid and high-production potholing. T..

Rehab Technology New Products

Flowtite Stops Pipe Joint Leaks Flowtite Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) takes full advantage of the specific characteristics of basic raw materials to create strong, corrosion-proof pipe and pipe components. Flowtite is lightweight, long-lasting and extremely resistant to both inner and outer cor..

PHMSA Sets Standards for State Excavation Policies

House members of both parties dragged the latest top Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) official to appear before Congress to answer questions about lagging pipeline safety rule implementation. Stacy Cummings, the “Interim” Executive Director and apparently top official a..

News shorts September 2015

AEM releases new Underground Utility Awareness video “Everyone has a part to play” to help ensure underground utility safety and damage prevention. That’s the message of a new video and related online and print resource from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). “Contractors, manufactu..

KorTerra To Integrate One Call

There are more than 20 million miles of underground utilities in the United States, reports the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), an organization committed to preventing damage to buried utilities. The number increases every day. In spite of the efforts of CGA, owners and operators of utility services,..

Updated AEM Safety Manuals Outline Directional Drilling Best Practices

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has produced a new Directional Drilling safety manual and updated its Directional Drilling Tracking Equipment safety manual to reflect the latest industry best practices for drilling safely.

Federal Court Ruling On Mercury Revives Gas-Electric Worries

A federal court decision allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to move forward with a rule limiting mercury emissions from power plants has heightened concerns in some quarters about interstate pipeline infrastructure inadequacy.

Establishing A Comprehensive Safety/Damage Prevention Culture

Developing and implementing an effective safety and damage prevention program for a construction company of any size is a critical and challenging task. However, the larger the organization, the more complex it is.