Oregon hikes Port of Morrow water pollution fine to $2.1 million

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has increased the Port of Morrow’s groundwater contamination fine to $2.1 million following additional wastewater violations.

Partly treated sewage found running into Blackstone River

Environmental officials are urging residents to avoid a stretch of the Blackstone River after finding that sewage was leaking into the river from a wastewater treatment plant on Sunday.

Congress considering investigation of DC’s water supply

A Washington, D.C. based congresswoman introduced provisions to the Water Resources Development Act that would study whether D.C. needs to increase its water supply.

UN: Droughts increase nearly a third since 2000

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification said droughts are continuing to happen more frequently and last longer, accounting for a 29% increase in number and duration since 2000.

Finnish city plans to use heat from sewage to achieve net zero emissions

Turku, Finland, has cut its emissions by more than 50%, and is now looking to achieve net zero emissions by using industrial heat pumps to extract energy from waste flowing from the city's drains and sewers.

About 6 million Californians ordered to cut water use amid drought

Southern California’s gigantic water supplier has taken the unprecedented step of requiring about 6 million people to cut their outdoor watering to one day a week as a drought plagues the state following another dry winter.

New Jersey lakes getting $10 million to fight algae blooms, stormwater runoff

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection launched a $10 million lakes management grants program to mitigate stormwater and runoff pollution at public lakes, ensuring they can be used for recreation or properly conserved.

Biden restores rigorous environmental review of big infrastructure projects

The Biden administration is restoring federal regulations that require rigorous environmental review of major infrastructure projects such as highways, pipelines and oil wells — including likely impacts on climate change and nearby communities.

Nebraska advances $1M for study of troubled ethanol plant

A new bill in Nebraska could spend up to $1 million to study the long-term health and environmental consequences of a troubled ethanol plant that released polluted wastewater.

Water contaminations increase Native Hawaiians' distrust in military

After a Navy fuel tank contaminated the water supply for many Pearl Harbor residents, the incident triggered Native Hawaiians' increased distrust in the military.

Officials say Florida plan has fed manatees 25 tons of lettuce

After water pollution caused a decline in the manatees' primary food source, a feeding program has now provided more than 25 tons of lettuce.

Officials OK water in Hawaii neighborhood after leak

Water is safe to drink for residents of a Pearl Harbor neighborhood over two months after a leak from a Navy storage tank contaminated the area's water supply.

Indiana steel mill agrees to pay $3M, improve wastewater system

ArcelorMittal USA agrees to pay $3 million and improve the company's wastewater system more than two years after discharge killed fish and closed beaches.

U.S. gas industry will be essential to a net zero future

The American Gas Association releases a bold vision for the future containing how the natural gas industry plays an important role in a net-zero future.

Judge: Lawsuit can proceed against Flint water contractor

A judge on Jan. 10 refused to dismiss a lawsuit against an engineering company, which is accused of not doing enough to stop the flow of lead-contaminated water in Flint in 2015.

Registration opens for CIGMAT 2022 Conference

The one-day conference will cover current and proposed projects for 2022-2023 in the Greater Houston area and other major cities along with panel discussions covering critical industry topics.

Environmental groups file complaint over lead pipes

Environmental groups file a civil rights complaint stating that lead pipe replacement work disproportionately increases the risk of lead exposure for residents of color.

Manatee Feeding Stations at Power Plants Assist With Survival

Temporary feeding stations for manatees are designed to combat the lack of food.

Conservation Group Sues Army Corps Over Columbia Pollution

A conservation group is suing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for polluting the Columbia River.

Thousands Without Heat, Water After Tornadoes Kill Dozens

Many Kentucky residents are without power and water after a powerful tornado blew through the state.

Tips to Keep Equipment Running in Cold Weather from United Rentals

United Rentals, Inc. shared maintenance best practices to help keep excavators, aerial work platforms, skid steers, loaders and other equipment running smoothly and productively on worksites during the cold season.

In Shadow of Texas Gas Drilling Sites, Health Fears Escalate

Arlington locals are concerned over a Total Energies gas drilling request that would be feet away from a daycare center.

Former New Orleans Mayor Landrieu to Manage Biden’s $1T plan

President Biden has chosen Mitch Landrieu, former New Orleans mayor, as supervisor of the $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

California's PUC OKs Boosting Storage at Infamous Gas Field

Regulators in California have voted to increase the capacity of an underground gas storage field in the Los Angeles area that previously leaked methane.

Senate Bill Aims to Prohibit Gas Hookups on New Buildings

Pennsylvania Senate approved legislation to prohibit natural gas hookups on new buildings.

As Winter Bills Increase, Many Americans Face the Decision: Heat or Eat?

American consumers will pay at least $13.6 billion more for energy this winter according to an analysis by Consumer Energy Alliance.

California Proposes New Oil Drilling Ban Near Neighborhoods

California officials proposed to ban new oil and gas drilling near neighborhoods.

A Mississippi City Dumped 6B Gallons of Partly Treated Sewage

The City of Jackson dumped more than 6 billion gallons of sewage in 2020, years after agreeing to clean up its act.

EU Chief Says Key to Energy Crisis is Pushing Green Deal

The EU Chief supports reducing natural gas use to speed up the transition to clean energy.

Wichita State University Selected for EPA Grant Funding to Create WaterCorps Career Network

The Wichita State University Environmental Finance Center received a grant to help build the water workforce through education funding.