Ground Penetrating Radar

What To Look For When Buying GPR

With more choices than ever in the ground penetrating radar (GPR) market, and with more end-users looking to get their hands on such an effective technology, it’s important that first-time customers know what to check off their shopping list. Here is a list for newcomers of the most important consi..

Subsite 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System

The 2550GR Ground Penetrating Radar System features a new, user-friendly Windows-based interface that provides operators with a number of productivity enhancing benefits. Improved software features include easier integration of GPS data and wireless connectivity that enables users to download web-ba..

Hawaii Geophysical Solves Underground Problems

Even paradise needs air conditioning. To prove the point, Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC, is in the early stages of a 25-year contract that will use innovative, energy-saving technology to provide air conditioning to a large section of downtown Honolulu, HI. To address the challenges, Honolu..