Court kills Flint water charges against ex-governor, others

The Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder and others in the Flint water scandal, saying a judge sitting as a one-person grand jury had no power to issue indictments under rarely used state laws.

Court rejects Mountain Valley Pipeline’s request for new panel of judges

A federal appeals court has denied a request from a company building a natural gas pipeline in Virginia and West Virginia to have a new panel of judges reconsider permits that have been struck down repeatedly.

Oregon hikes Port of Morrow water pollution fine to $2.1 million

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has increased the Port of Morrow’s groundwater contamination fine to $2.1 million following additional wastewater violations.

Louisiana congressmen seek more time to use Orleans Katrina infrastructure aid

Members of Congress from Louisiana are calling for federal officials to extend deadlines for spending Hurricane Katrina recovery funds on New Orleans road and water infrastructure projects.

New Mexico reaches $32 million settlement over 2015 mine wastewater spill

The spill released 3 million gallons and water utilities were forced to scramble and shut down intake valves while farmers stopped drawing from the rivers as the contaminants moved downstream.

PHMSA Finalizes New Remote Valve Requirements

After more than a decade of considering whether pipelines should install automatic shut-off valves, PHMSA issued a final rule, although it fell short of what the National Transportation Safety Board wanted to see.

North Dakota extends deadline for gas pipeline proposals

A panel that regulates North Dakota’s energy industry voted to extend the deadline for proposals to build a natural gas pipeline from western North Dakota’s oil patch to the eastern part of the state.

Russia Concerns Loom Over FERC and EPA Anti-Pipeline Efforts

Pipeline companies had already been pressing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hard, prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to rethink its two new policy statements on greenhouse gas emissions and pipeline certificates.

Regulatory, construction cost concerns lead ND company to scrub trans-state gas pipeline plans

WBI Energy said the project is not viable due to regulatory uncertainty, limited in-state demand and rising construction, labor and land-acquisition costs. The company said materials and construction costs have risen up to 50% in nine months.

Senate committee to unveil water infrastructure bill to protect coasts, reduce flooding

Senate EPW Chair Tom Carper will release a version of the Water Resources Development Act that will include language to revamp the way the Corps addresses climate change and equity for disadvantaged, rural and tribal communities

Large dairy farm sues state over wastewater permit changes

Farm operators say the monitoring system will cost tens of thousands of dollars initially, plus the fees indefinitely paid to experts to sample, analyze and interpret data from the wells.

Maine utility oversight bill advances after differences resolved

The Maine Legislature voted in favor of a bill to increase oversight of the state's two major electric utilities on Wednesday, a day after a disagreement in the House put the proposal into limbo.

Biden launches $6B effort to save distressed nuclear plants

The Biden administration is launching a $6 billion effort to rescue nuclear power plants at risk of closing, citing the need to continue nuclear energy as a carbon-free source of power that helps to combat climate change.

Biden restores rigorous environmental review of big infrastructure projects

The Biden administration is restoring federal regulations that require rigorous environmental review of major infrastructure projects such as highways, pipelines and oil wells — including likely impacts on climate change and nearby communities.

Mountain Valley Pipeline wins federal approval for stream boring

Following a string of roadblocks, federal regulators have approved Mountain Valley Pipeline’s request to bore under about 180 streams and wetlands it must cross to complete the natural gas pipeline, according to the Roanoke Times (Va.).

Lawmakers make efforts to protect critical infrastructure in water, utilities sectors

Lawmakers are taking steps to prevent a repeat of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, by designing legislation to protect critical infrastructure in the water, utilities and pipeline sectors.

Associations strongly oppose executive order involving project labor agreements

The APCA and PCCA show strong opposition to President Biden's executive order to mandate project labor agreements for federal construction projects.

Biden Signs Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

President Joe Biden signs the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law on Nov. 15.

Infrastructure Victory Creates New Challenges for Biden

President Biden faces new challenges after his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill cleared Congress.

California's PUC OKs Boosting Storage at Infamous Gas Field

Regulators in California have voted to increase the capacity of an underground gas storage field in the Los Angeles area that previously leaked methane.

White House Eyes New Climate Change Strategies in Biden Bill

The White House is close to completing a package of clean energy strategies for the president's domestic policy bill.

Maine’s Governor Backs Federal Plan to Tackle PFAS Contamination

Maine's governor supports the federal plan to improve issues with PFAS.

Debra Shore Set to Lead EPA Midwestern Office

President Biden appointed Debra Shore to lead the EPA's Midwestern office.

White House Restoring Environmental Reviews for Big Projects

New federal regulations are reversing Trump-era environmental policy impacting major infrastructure.

Ohio Senator Visits Advanced Drainage Systems to Discuss the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), a lead Republican negotiator of the bipartisan infrastructure legislation that recently passed the U.S. Senate, met with leadership and employees at Advanced Drainage System, Inc. (ADS) and discussed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act. Following the..

$1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Heads for Senate Debate

Lawmakers send a $1 trillion bipartisan bill to the Senate for final votes.

Democrats Lay Out Speculative Marker for Water Infrastructure

Speculation rises as the push for infrastructure bills has little support from Republican members of the House.

Indiana Lawmakers Seek to Amend Bill Impacting Waterways

Lawmakers in Indiana want to change a bill the protects the state's waterways.

Regulators Fined Gas Utility $900K for Pipeline Violations

Regulators in Indiana fined CenterPoint for pipeline violations.

States Sue to Undo Biden Pause on US Oil & Gas Lease Sales

Several states sue to undo Biden's pause on oil ad gas lease sales.