United Pipeline Systems HDPE Tite Liner System

The Tite Liner system is ideal for the renewal of distribution and pressure mains. Its installation cuts down on digging and disruption, while helping water companies and municipalities extend the life of their existing infrastructure. The continuous HDPE liner is installed with a close fit against ..

National Liner CIPP Products and Services

Through its network of experienced North American installers, National Liner provides cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) products and services to municipal and industrial customers for rehabilitating deteriorated pipe. Our products have been installed in more than 18 million liner feet of pipe ranging in di..

Florida DEP Awards Funding for Stormwater Projects

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection recently awarded more than $500,000 in Total Maximum Daily Load water-quality restoration grants for stormwater projects in two communities. Total Maximum Daily Load water-quality restoration grants are awarded to local communities and water manage..

2017 Municipal Infrastructure Survey: New Political Direction Brings Cautious Optimism

After experiencing an uptick in municipal sewer and water infrastructure spending in 2015 and budgeting for the trend to continue into 2016, America’s municipal personnel were, for the most part, sorely disappointed. But municipal personnel are anything if not resilient, and there is a strong antici..

ADS Unveils New Stormwater Pipe Technology

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., has revealed its latest breakthrough in stormwater pipe technology, HPXR™ 75. This new technology provides heightened levels of stiffness, is available in a range of sizes, and yields significant cost benefits for customers compared to alternative products. “The HPX..

Record Breaking 120-Inch CIPP

A recent project at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey is believed to be the largest cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liner ever installed. CIPP liners were placed in three segments of 120-inch diameter storm sewer pipes running beneath the air base’s tarmac. “It is our understanding that this is the ..

MaxLiner Trenchless CIPP Solutions

The MaxLiner System is small enough to fit into your existing service vehicles and needs just two or three workers to get the job done. The highly portable system allows you to install more than one job per day, and its lightweight design allows you to quickly and easily use it for not only traditio..

Industry Feedback: CIPP Help Wanted

I would like to introduce you to Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Sewer Lining Program. Over the past several years our annual Sewer Lining budget has grown from $1 million to approximately $4 million in 2016 for CIPP contracts. CIPP continues to be SPU’s method of choice to rehabilitate our ageing pi..

Hobas Pipe Meets Rehab Challenge

When an old storm water sewer that crossed below a highway and popular shopping avenue in Québec partly collapsed and had to be replaced, the city government was presented with a challenge: renovating the pipeline while keeping traffic disruptions to a minimum. The solution was Hobas Pipe, the only..

Stormwater Drainage Ditch Becomes Wide Pedestrian Walkway

Daytona Raising Project Creates Speedway For Attendees As the Daytona Speedway continues its $400 million construction project, one key part was the improvement to nearby roads that would enable the smooth flow of some 100,000 spectators before and after a race or event. Existing stormwater ditches..

Innovative Design Leads To Trenchless Solutions

An “Impossible” Project Completed On-Budget, Ahead Of Schedule Many sewer line replacement and rehabilitation projects could be classified “routine” because they are relatively straightforward with few complications. Even so, no two projects are exactly alike, and most have challenges and issues t..

The Perma-Liner Sectional Lining System

The Perma-Liner Sectional Lining System is designed for 6- to 60-inch diameter pipelines. The materials are pulled into place through existing manholes and are ambient cured in three hours or heat cured in as little as 1 ½ hours. Installations average 1-5 installations per day. The Perma-Liner Secti..

Surging 28%, US Municipal Water Infrastructure Forecast Reaches $532 Billion

Capital expenditures (CAPEX) for U.S. municipal water & wastewater utilities – including spending on pipes, plants, and pumps – are expected to exceed $532 billion between 2016 and 2025, according to new forecasts from Bluefield Research. This new outlook, which draws heavily from planned utility bu..

18th Annual HDD Survey: Diverse Markets Drive HDD Forward

To say that we are in confusing economic times would be an understatement, not only for the United States but the world in its entirety. The U.S. market confusions result primarily from a mix of political uncertainty, lackluster economic growth and performance, and the collapse of the oil and gas in..

Granite Construction Subsidiary Awarded $119 Million in Sewer Renewal Contracts in Chicago

A subsidiary of Granite Construction Incorporated, Kenny Construction Company, has been awarded four sewer renewal contracts by the City of Chicago. The four contracts, totaling approximately $119 million, will be booked into backlog as individual task orders are issued. The contracts are part of a..

US Pipelining Awarded Contract for Major Military Pipe Lining Rehabilitation Project

US Pipelining, LLC, has been awarded a major military project which includes the cured in place pipe lining and rehabilitation of nearly one thousand linear feet of ten foot diameter storm water piping located beneath the airfield apron of McGuire Air Force Base located in Burlington County, NJ. ..

EPA Reaches Settlement with Acme Foundry for Industrial Stormwater Violations

EPA Region 7 reached an administrative settlement with Acme Foundry, Inc to resolve industrial stormwater violations under the Clean Water Act. Under the settlement, Acme Foundry must comply with its industrial stormwater permit, pay a penalty of $28,975, and implement a Supplemental Environmental P..

5,000 Linear Feet Of Overhead Power Lines Go Underground In Arizona

Millions of miles of overhead utilities are strung across the United States, but the unreliability of overhead utility lines as well as increasing maintenance and operating costs have led more municipalities, particularly in urban areas, to convert their overhead distribution lines to underground. ..

MPC ToughTube CIPP Lining system Restores Structural Integrity

MPC ToughTube® CIPP Lining system offers a quick, cost effective and non-destructive way to rehabilitate deteriorating pipelines without the need for excavation. CIPP lining systems are the most widely used and accepted process for restoring structural integrity, reducing inflow and infiltration, a..

HammerHead HydraLiner Lateral Solutions Including Scrim and Brawoliner 3D liners

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has announced additions to its HydraLiner lateral solutions line, including Scrim and Brawoliner 3D liners and a new ambient epoxy system. Brawoliner 3D is a premium transition liner designed for ambient and hot water cure. Scrim liner is designed especially for accur..

RS BlueLine Glass Reinforced CIPP Liner Improves Water Quality While Renewing Integrity of Aging Pipe

RS BlueLine is a glass reinforced CIPP liner made with Dow technology. This high performance designed solution stops water loss, improves hydraulics and water quality while renewing the structural integrity of aging pipe. Certified to NSF 61, RS BlueLine provides a trenchless solution for water main..

Insituform CIPP process is suited for wastewater pipeline repair

The Insituform CIPP process is suited for wastewater pipeline repair and can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers, storm sewers and force mains. Insituform CIPP is a jointless pipe-within-a-pipe with the capability to rehabilitate pipelines ranging in diameter from 6 to 96 inches and to negotiate..

Pipenology Manufactures Advanced And Reliable Custom CIPP Liners

Pipenology is a manufacturing company with one main focus: to develop and produce the most advanced and reliable custom CIPP liners in the market today. With over 2.8 million lineal feet of our liners successfully installed across the nation, Pipenology has delivered solutions for the most complex C..

AllClean Water Recycling Aims To Improve Conservation, Productivity

Gradall Industries, the manufacturer of Vacall vacuum and jetting products, introduced an AllClean water recycling system for use on Vacall’s AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners. The innovative system was designed with water conservation in mind, as well as to allow operators to work for longer per..

Reline America UV CIPP liners

Reline America UV CIPP liners range from 6 to 54 inches. Custom liners are made in the company’s ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility in Saltville, VA, in accordance with ASTM F2019 and designed according to ASTM F1216. Blue-Tek liner is both a glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) and an ultra-viole..

DC Water, WEF Launch Green Infrastructure Certification Program

DC Water and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of a National Green Infrastructure Certification Program aimed at promoting skilled individuals who will install, inspect and maintain green infrastructure (GI) systems. In addition, the program..

U.S. Patent Makes ePIPE® the Fastest and Most Effective Pipe Lining Process to Reduce Lead Leaching and Save Cities Like Flint

(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC, (PRT), a world-leading pipe lining innovator and manufacturer, announced today that it has been awarded its 14th U.S. patent, Patent #9273815, titled, “Process for Coating the Interior Surface of Water Service Lines.” Granted by the USPTO, this pat..

Cured-in-Place Liner Research Demonstrates Long-Term Viability

U-TECH: Underground Technology Cutting Edge Technical Information For Utility Construction & Rehabilitation By David W. Merte Senior Project Manager, NYSEARCH/Northeast Gas Association Cured-in-place liners (CIPL) have been installed on cast-iron and steel pipelines in natural gas distribution sys..

Editor's Log: The Right Candidate

by Robert Carpenter Editor-in-Chief Waving a wallet in front of a desperate, starving man without any intent of opening up that wallet and sharing money is a very cruel action. But as the United States presidential primaries kick into full swing, candidates are displaying a similar tendency. Some ..

Underground Construction 19th Annual Municipal Survey

Show Me The Money: Post Great-Recession, City Budgets Are Increasing But Not Nearly Enough according to our 19th Annual Municipal Survey. In 2015, more than half of the municipalities across the United States got a rare taste of what has become an exotic, opiate-like substance – and they liked it...