Booming Colo. Town Asks, ‘Where will water come from?’

A Colorado town struggles to provide enough clean water due to droughts and population increases.

Sewage Plants Hit by Ransomware Attacks in Maine

Two sewage plants in rural Maine were hit with ransomware attacks.

EPA Orders SW Illinois City to Address Overflow-Prone Sewers

Officials in a city in Illinois are now required by the EPA to address sewer overflow issues.

Overflow of Wastewater into Rivers, Lake Michigan

A sewer overflow sent wastewater into rivers and Lake Michigan.

Virginia Health Officials Warn Against Swimming in James River

Health officials in Virginia are warning residents to avoid swimming in the James River due to a sewage spill.

Alabama Utilities Blame ‘Flushable Wipes’ for Clogged Pipes

Utilities in Alabama are blaming flushable wipes for clogged pipes throughout the state.

Details of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Affecting the Underground Construction Industry

The numbers are out for the bipartisan infrastructure plan that will allocate money to help improve the country's infrastructure.

Michigan Water Leader Quits Weeks After Floods

A water leader for the Great Lakes Water Authority resigns weeks after thousands were affected by severe sewage backups near Detroit.

Los Angeles Sewage Treatment Plant Needs Extensive Repair

A sewage treatment plant in Los Angeles will need weeks' worth of repairs.

850K Gallons of Raw Sewage Spills into Catawba River

A major spill of raw sewage in North Carolina sent 850,000 gallons of wastewater flowing into the Catawba River.

Indiana Sewage Tunnel Project Completes Latest Phase

Fort Wayne finished its new sewer tunnel after 14 years of construction.

Minot Marks 10th Anniversary of Historic Flood Disaster

The city of Minot in North Dakota marked its 10th anniversary of a historic flood disaster in the Souris River Valley.

Kansas Officials Warn Johnson County Residents of Sewage in Tomahawk Creek

Officials warn Johnson County residents near Tomahawk Creek to avoid the creek due to a sewer line break.

Reiss Engineering and CHA Consulting Now CHA

CHA Consulting acquired Reiss Engineering and rebranded its name to CHA.

Flint Business Owner Sentenced for Dumping Waste into Sewers

A business owner in Flint, Michigan was sentenced for illegally dumping millions of gallons of liquid landfill over the course of several years.

Idaho Eyes Sewer, Water, Broadband with Federal Rescue Money

Idaho will receive $1.1 billion in the latest round of coronavirus relief money which will go toward water, sewer and broadband infrastructure in the state.

8 Years After Sandy, $230M New Jersey Flood Plan Gets Kickoff

A $230M flood plan will soon be underway in Hoboken, NJ.

Flushable Wipes and Other Items Clogged Anchorage Sewage System

Flushable wipes and other items have clogged Anchorage's city sewer system.

Brazil Privatizes Rio de Janeiro’s Water, Sewage Utility

Rio de Janeiro has decided to privatize its water and sewage utility after failing to fix systems.

City of Houston Selects LAN to Design New Sewer Line

LAN has been selected to design a new sewer line in Houston, Texas.

Delaware Sewer Break Discharges Wastewater into River

Wastewater flows into Delaware river after a force main break.

City of Laredo to Build Sewer Tunnel for Water Transportation to Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Laredo in Texas is set to build a new sewer tunnel for transportation of wastewater from the Zacate Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Businessman Pleads Guilty to Illegal Wastewater Dumping

The owner of Rebel High Velocity Sewer Services pleads guilty to illegally dumping more than 3 million gallons of wastewater into the Jackson, Mississippi sewer system.

Pittsburgh Agency Admits Pumping Sludge into Allegheny River For Seven Years

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has admitted to illegally pumping sludge into the Allegheny River for seven years.

Colorado Springs Agrees to Resolve Stormwater Management Violations in Settlement With U.S. DOJ

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a settlement with the City of Colorado Springs to resolve Clean Water Act violations.

Michigan Governor Announces $500 Million Water Infrastructure Plan

The governor of Michigan has announced a $500 million dollar plan to upgrade the state's water and wastewater infrastructure.

Granite Awarded 5 Sewer Rehab Contracts in Chicago

Construction firm Granite has been awarded five sewer rehabilitation projects with the City of Chicago, part of the "Windy City's" $8 billion plan to upgrade its aging wastewater infrastructure.

Three Contractors Dead After Being Trapped in a Manhole

Three contractors died on Tuesday while working on a storm sewer project in Fort Wayne, Indiana after they became trapped in a manhole city officials said.

Ulliman Schutte, Brown and Caldwell Awarded Sewer Rehabilitation Contract in D.C.

Ulliman Schutte and Brown and Caldwell have been awarded a contract by DC Water to rehabilitate a key component of Washington D.C's sewer system.

Aegion Corporation Wins $8 Million Texas Wastewater Rehab Contract

Insituform, a subsidiary of Aegion, announced it has been awarded an $8 million large-diameter wastewater pipeline rehabilitation contract in Southwest Texas.