Judge Grants Preliminary Approval to $641M Flint Water Deal

Thousands of Flint residents affected by water contamination can participate in a settlement with the state of $641 million.

Navajo Nation Reached Settlements Over Mine Spill

The Navajo Nation reached a settlement with New Mexico over a mine spill that resulted in the contamination of rivers in three states.

Presidential Permit Allows Trans-Border Crossing of Hydropower Transmission Line for Canada to the U.S.

A new hydropower transmission line has been approved to extend from Canada to the U.S.

Debates Escalate After Officials Charged Over Flint Water Crisis

Debates rise after a former Michigan health official was charged with involuntary manslaughter along with eight others who were faced with a variety of charges regarding the Flint water crisis.

Badger Meter Expands Water Quality Offering With Acquisition of Analytical Technology

Badger Meter's acquisition of Analytical Technology will expand the company's water quality offering.

Indiana Communities Receiving Water Infrastructure Grants

Twelve Indiana Communities were granted $8 million to improve wastewater systems.

Critics Say EPA Allowing More Time to Fix Lead-Tainted Water

The country's 29-year-old framework to eliminate toxic lead from drinking water has changed but critics say the new rule gives utilities more time to replace old pipes.

Oklahoma Grants $205 Million for Kaw Lake Water Supply Project

The Enid Municipal Authority was approved for funding from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board to improve the Authority's water infrastructure.

Lawmakers Approved Flint Water Settlement Borrowing Plan

A plan to borrow $600 million to finance the settlement with Flint residents has been approved.

Colorado Activates Municipal Drought Response Plan as 2021 Water Forecast Darkens

Colorado prepares for a dry season approaching in 2021.

Aegion Corp. Plans to Focus on Municipal Wastewater and Drinking Water Markets

Aegion Corporation plans to divest the Company’s Energy Services segment to focus on wastewater and drinking water markets.

Louisiana Flood Protection Project to Begin Construction

Construction on a new flood protection project in Louisiana will begin next year.

$600M Will be Borrowed by Michigan for Flint Water Settlement

Michigan will borrow $600M for the settlement with Flint residents over water crisis.

New Collaboration Explores Development of Recycled Water Project

A new partnership explores development of a drought-proof water supply in the Colorado River Basin.

Next Phase of Delta Conveyance Project is Funded by Metropolitan Board

Metropolitan Water District voted unanimously to fund part of the Delta Conveyance Project in California.

Flint Makes Strides to End Water Crisis

Flint has taken significant steps to end the water crisis that began in 2014.

Wastewater Spills into Puget Sound After Operating Error

Wastewater flowed into Puget Sound after an operating error.

New Mexico to Require Details of Water for Oil Well Drilling

A new requirement orders New Mexico oil and gas operators to report the amount and quality of water used to drill wells.

Pittsburgh Agency Admits Pumping Sludge into Allegheny River For Seven Years

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has admitted to illegally pumping sludge into the Allegheny River for seven years.

FERC Wants One-Year Limit on State Consideration of Water Quality Permits

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission plans to apply the new Federal Clean Water Act requirement to transmission pipelines.

Michigan Governor Announces $500 Million Water Infrastructure Plan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has announced a $500 million plan to upgrade drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in Michigan.

Northwest Pipe Company to Supply N.C. Water Transmission Line

Northwest Pipe Company announced that it has been selected to provide steel water pipe for the Yadkin Regional Water Supply Project in North Carolina.

Flint Water Lawsuit Proposes $642 Million Settlement

A lawsuit in Flint, Michigan has proposed a settlement for $642 million on behalf of residents who were harmed by lead-tainted water.

Proposals for Pittsburgh Stormwater Management Master Plan Underway

A plan has been announced to release a Request for Proposals to develop a comprehensive stormwater master plan for Pittsburgh.

Rural Maine Water Systems to Make Upgrades with Federal Help

The USDA is giving Maine more than $5.7 million to upgrade water systems in rural parts of the state.

Oregon City Completes In-Pipe Hydropower Project

The City of Hillsboro, Ore., has completed a project that generates electricity by harvesting excess pressure from a city water pipeline.

Michigan Governor Announces $500 Million Water Infrastructure Plan

The governor of Michigan has announced a $500 million dollar plan to upgrade the state's water and wastewater infrastructure.

Study Predicts $52 Billion in Water Utility Trenchless Technology Investments over Next Decade

A new study by Bluefield Research expects the economic recession combined with aging water infrastructure across the country will spur over $50 billion in trenchless technology investments.

Northwest Pipe Company to Provide Pipe North Carolina Water Transmission Line

Northwest Pipe Company has been selected to provide the pipe for a steel water pipeline system as part of a water infrastructure upgrade project in North Carolina.

Arizona’s Infrastructure Gets a “C”, Water Barely Makes the Grade

Arizona's state infrastructure received an overall grade of 'C' from the American Society of Civil Engineers with the state's water infrastructure being graded nearly last.