US Projections on Drought-Hit Colorado River Grow More Dire

Projections indicate that droughts for a Colorado River will increase.

Environmental Groups Petition EPA to Take Control of Texas Water Pollution System

Several environmental groups sent a petition to the EPA to take control over the Texas permitting system that controls water pollution in the state.

Lead Prompts Michigan to Provide Water, Filters to Benton Harbor

The state of Michigan is providing water and filters to the community of Benton Harbor after tests revealed high levels of lead in the water system.

$16B Plan to Ease Back Bay Flooding at NJ Shore Raises Concerns

A $16 billion plan to address back bay flooding raises concerns over where the water will go during storms.

EPA Rescinds Trump Era Clean Water Act Permit Requirements

The EPA is rescinding a guidance document issued by the Trump Administration in an effort to preserve clean water protections.

Construction Begins to Improve Water Quality of Los Angeles River and Arroyo Seco

Construction for a $13 million California water quality improvement project begins.

New Mexico Droughts Test Centuries-Old Water Traditions

Traditions surrounding water irrigation systems in New Mexico are challenged by severe droughts.

Arizona Utility: Really Wet Summer Follows Very Dry Winter

PHOENIX (AP) — The second-driest winter on record in the Salt River Project’s watershed was followed by a monsoon that the water and power utility said was the second-wettest since it started keeping records nearly 110 years ago. The 2021 monsoon provided nearly 250,000 acre-feet (80 billion gallon..

Springfield Water Commission Receives $250M EPA Loan

The city of Springfield received a $250 million federal infrastructure loan to improve water quality and reliability.

An Indiana City Announces Use of New Smart Sewer Technology

The City of South Bend, Indiana, will be using a new smart sewer system designed by Xylem.

NW Indiana Launches Water Main Replacement Project

An Indiana utility is beginning a project to replace 11 miles of aging water pipes.

Low Water Levels Can Impact Missouri River Access

A drop in Missouri River water levels may be as low as 2 feet in the coming weeks.

Advocacy Groups Seek Federal Help With Lead in Michigan City's Water

Groups seek federal help to provide safe drinking water in Benton Harbor where there are high levels of lead in the water system.

North Dakota Officials: Well Spill Due to Equipment Failure

Regulators are investigating a spill in North Dakota that released thousands of gallons of water and oil.

Civil Engineers Release South Carolina’s State Infrastructure Report

Civil Engineers gave South Carolina an overall grade of a "D+" on its state infrastructure report card.

Michigan Governor Proposes $200M to Replace Lead Water Pipes

The governor of Michigan has proposed a plan to replace lead water pipes across the state.

New Sensors Show Real-Time Chicago River Quality

Sensors placed along the Chicago River will provide data for real-time water quality reports.

Risks Ease from Gas Leak but People Still Out of Homes

A gas leak in a Michigan sewer system has caused some residents to voluntarily leave while the system is under repair.

Rains from Fred Force Shutdown of Asheville Water Source

The rainfall from a tropical depression last month forced the shutdown of a water treatment plant in Asheville, NC.

Judge Approves Settlement with US Steel Over 2017 Spill

An Indiana federal judge had approved a settlement for a 2017 wastewater spill from US Steel.

Wisconsin Well Water Fight Could Land in Court

A citizen group in Wisconsin is pushing back against a company that wants to sell bottled water from a well near Lake Superior.

$3M Awarded to Kentucky City for Wastewater Treatment Plants

A Kentucky city received $3 million for wastewater treatment upgrades.

Water Ruling Reinstates Federal Protections Over Some Waterways

A federal judge in Arizona tossed a Trump-era rule that eliminates federal protections for some waterways.

More Than 7 Years Later, California Voters Still Wait on Water Projects

Proposed water projects were delayed while droughts have become worse in California.

Louisiana Communities Face Severe Flooding After Hurricane Ida

Over 400,000 residents of Louisiana are without water service and over 300,000 additional residents are on boil=warer notice after Hurricane Ida blew through the region.

Missouri River Ruling Favors North Dakota Water Project

A judge has rejected a lawsuit seeking to end a project that would supply water from the Missouri River to North Dakota.

Florida Sugar Growers Sue Over Reservoir Water Levels

Sugar farmers in Florida are suing over water reservoir levels that are too low to water crops.

Brazil Water Survey Heightens Alarm Over Extreme Drought

Scientists in Brazil discovered a significant drop in freshwater resources in the past 30 years.

Scientists Launch Effort to Collect Water Data in US West

Scientists are working to find ways to predict rain and snowfall levels to determine how much will flow in the region.

Gate 5 Energy Partners Receives $1.6 Million for a New Sewage Treatment Technology

Gate 5 Energy Partners has received a grant to build and use a new eco-friendly wastewater treatment and resource recovery system.