Senate Backs Grading System for Louisiana Water Systems

The Louisiana Senate backs a proposal for a grading system for community water systems in the state.

Jackson Won’t Release Email About 2020 Water System Problems

The city of Jackson, Mississippi denied a public records request for an email related to the water treatment system in the city.

US West Prepares for Possible 1st Water Shortage Declaration

Arizona and Nevada could face a water shortage due to low levels in the water supply.

Proposal Would Start Grading of Louisiana’s Water Systems

A proposal in Louisiana would require community water systems to be graded for accountability.

Tunnel Boring Machine “MudHoney” Ready to Get to Work in Seattle

The Tunnel Boring Machine is now in use for a water quality project in Washington to prevent polluted water from entering multiple lakes and canals.

Florida to Close Leaky Wastewater Reservoir

Florida is planning to permanently close a leaky wastewater reservoir that was poured into Tampa Bay.

Tensions Rise in Oregon-California Line Water Battle

Droughts in Oregon and California are causing water allocation changes for water irrigation.

US Seeks Keep Critical Sectors Safe from Cyberattacks

Officials are looking into ways to protect critical industries from cyberattacks.

Kansas Water System Hacking Highlights Risks

A former utility worker hacked into a city water system tampering with cleaning procedures highlighting utility protection difficulties.

Indiana Lawmakers Seek to Amend Bill Impacting Waterways

Lawmakers in Indiana want to change a bill the protects the state's waterways.

Nevada Farmers and Conservationists Balk at ‘Water Banking’

Farmers in Nevada are concerned about a proposal regarding the buying and selling of water rights.

Evacuation Order Lifted at Florida Leaky Phosphate Reservoir

A mandatory evacuation has been lifted and the situation is under control in areas near a leaky wastewater reservoir in Florida.

Florida Lawmakers Plan $200M to Clean, Close Leaky Reservoir

Florida Lawmakers proposed $200 million for wastewater reservoir clean up and closure.

Ex-Iowa Wastewater Plant Supervisor Sentenced for Tampering

A former wastewater plant supervisor was sentenced for manipulating water sample test results.

Minnesota City Reaches Settlement for Water Treatment

Bemidji, Minnesota has reached a settlement for $3 million to help pay for a new water treatment facility.

Leak at Florida Wastewater Pond Prompts Evacuations

A large pond of wastewater in Florida threatened to flood roads in the Tampa Bay Area.

New Mexico Tribes Sue US Over Federal Clean Water Rule

Native Tribes in New Mexico are suing the EPA that lift protections over many streams, creeks and wetlands across the country.

$67 Million Grant Program Will Help Communities Manage Stormwater

The EPA has announced a $67 Million grant program that will help fund stormwater management in several communities across the U.S.

Company Fined $200K Over Water Treatment Problems

North Carolina regulators have fined a company nearly $200,000 over problems with water treatment systems.

Supreme Court Favors Georgia in Water War with Florida

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously for Georgia over a claim from Florida that says Georgia's water use affects Florida's oyster industry.

WSSC Water’s Rate and Billing Structure Deemed Reasonable by Maryland PSC

The Maryland Public Service Commission has deemed the water rate and billing structure to be equal to all customers and promotes water conservation.

EPA Urged to Reconsider Listing Missouri Lakes as ‘Impaired’

Many of Missouri's lakes are considered impaired and several congressional delegation members are trying to change the status.

The DCA Created New Microsites to Enhance the Underground Industry

The DCA launched new microsites helping to create jobs, find workers, educate underground industry.

Cadiz Inc. Issues Statement on New Lawsuits from Opponents of Water Access Targeting Companies

Cadiz issued a statement regarding a lawsuit about California's water supply.

GPI Builds Water Infrastructure Services in Western Pennsylvania

GPI appoints a new branch manager to strengthen operations in Western Pennsylvania.

California State Water Project Initial Allocations Lowered

A second consecutive dry winter led to the lowering of initial allocations from the State Water Project for the 2021 water year.

Massachusetts Awards $3M to Towns to Fight Water Pollution

Several towns in Massachusetts were awarded grants to improved drinking water quality.

Boil Advisory Lifted for All of Jackson, One Month Later

February's deep freeze kept Jackson, Mississippi for 30 days following the weather.

Michigan Ex-Governor Loses Challenge to Flint Water Charges

A judge rejected a request to dismiss charges agains a former ex-governor in the Flint water scandal.

Scrapped Vegas Pipeline Plan Looms Amid Swamp Cedar Debate

State lawmakers advanced a pipeline plan to pipe groundwater from rural Nevada to Las Vegas.