Water Asset Management

Oregon hikes Port of Morrow water pollution fine to $2.1 million

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has increased the Port of Morrow’s groundwater contamination fine to $2.1 million following additional wastewater violations.

New Mexico reaches $32 million settlement over 2015 mine wastewater spill

The spill released 3 million gallons and water utilities were forced to scramble and shut down intake valves while farmers stopped drawing from the rivers as the contaminants moved downstream.

Odessa, Texas, without drinking water after pipe breaks amid scorching temperatures

Crews worked to restore water service Wednesday to the West Texas city of Odessa, where residents have been without water this week amid scorching temperatures after an aging pipe broke.

$5.4 million stormwater mitigation in Pennsylvania should resolve decades of flooding

Authorities hope a $5.4 million stormwater mitigation project in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, will put an end to decades of flooding.

Congress considering investigation of DC’s water supply

A Washington, D.C. based congresswoman introduced provisions to the Water Resources Development Act that would study whether D.C. needs to increase its water supply.

EPA to award $21.7 million in grants to support clean, safe water for rural communities

The EPA announced its selection of technical assistance providers to receive $21.7 million in grant funding to support drinking water and wastewater systems that serve small and rural communities.

Colorado, Nebraska jostle over water rights amid drought

Nebraska's plan underscores an increasing appetite throughout the West to preemptively secure water as winter snows and year-round rainfall diminish, forcing states to reallocate increasingly scarce flows in basins such as the South Platte and the Colorado River.

Spokane County, Wash. helping fund $14 million water infrastructure project

The commissioners of Spokane County, Wash., are expected to give the Whitworth Water District $4 million to help pay for a $14 million infrastructure that should help bring water to an undersupplied area.

Arizona nuclear plant seeking alternative source of water

The plant uses about 65 million gallons of treated wastewater every day — more than 23 billion gallons (87 billion liters) a year — to generate electricity. That water is getting more expensive, and to keep the plant economical, Arizona Public Service Co. is exploring ways to use it wiser.

Large dairy farm sues state over wastewater permit changes

Farm operators say the monitoring system will cost tens of thousands of dollars initially, plus the fees indefinitely paid to experts to sample, analyze and interpret data from the wells.

California city examining feasibility of recycled water treatment

San Mateo, Calif., and nearby water agencies are studying the feasibility of water facility project to expand recycled water supply, which could offset increased demand and drought conditions.

PNW 2022 water outlook improves with storms, drought remains

An unexpected snowstorm in the Pacific Northwest could increase the water supply in some areas but droughts continue to persist.

Wisconsin judge to rule on DNR authority to regulate PFAS

A judge was set to rule on whether state regulators can require businesses to clean up PFAS contamination without established limits on the chemicals.

Maine takes step toward phase out of long-lasting chemicals

Lawmakers in Maine have made a move toward banning pesticides that contain long-lasting chemicals.

Experts predict water shortages in southern Idaho

More than half of Idaho is in a severe drought, and an Idaho water expert says that’s likely to worsen in the coming months.

Maryland officials approve over $22M to WSSC Water

The Maryland Board of Public Works approved more than $22 million in loans and grants to WSSC Water to help continue efforts to protect local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Swirltex awarded $3M water treatment project

Swirltex and ARC Resources are awarded a $3 million project to use their water treatment technology in Canada.

Ecology fines Skagit Valley Farm over illegal irrigating

The Washington State Department of Ecology has fined Skagit Valley Farm $267,000 for irrigating 348 acres without having water rights.

Supreme Court reinstates Trump-era water rule for now

The Supreme Court reinstated a Trump-era rule that restricted the power of states and Native American tribes to block pipelines and other energy projects that could potentially pollute waterways.

Ohio legislation eases state regulation of some streams

State regulation of streams that flow temporarily after rainfall would be restricted under proposed Ohio legislation months in the works.

Several Alabama systems apply for water, sewer grants

More than 400 Alabama water and sewer systems have applied for grants funded by pandemic relief money.

EPA upholds Trump-era decision not to regulate contaminant

The Environmental Protection Agency said that it will not regulate a drinking water contaminant that has been linked to brain damage in infants.

Legislators endorse higher classification for Androscoggin

Maine lawmakers have endorsed a proposal to upgrade a 14-mile stretch of the Androscoggin River to a higher environmental classification in an acknowledgment of cleanup efforts.

Michigan governor signs over $4.7B for infrastructure

The governor of Michigan signed an infrastructure spending plan aimed to upgrade water systems, internet access and roads.

California plan would pay farmers to grow less to save water

A new plan in California will pay farmers to plant fewer crops to help restore habitats throughout the state.

Applications open for WVa residents for water, sewer bill assistance

West Virginia residents are now able to apply for help to pay for water or wastewater bills.

California officials ask residents to increase water conservation

Officials in California ask residents to further cut back on water use to reduce water scarcity due to droughts throughout the state.

Lawsuit against EPA claims agency fails to protect Montana rivers from pollution

A conservation group has filed a lawsuit against U.S. environmental officials for alleged failure to intervene after the Montana Legislature rolled back longstanding water pollution rules.

Maryland officials order stop on treatment plant unpermitted discharges

Officials in Maryland are ordering the state’s largest wastewater treatment plant to stop unpermitted discharges of water pollution.

Michigan Legislature approves $4.8B infrastructure plan

Michigan lawmakers on March 24 approved $4.8 billion in infrastructure spending including drinking water and wastewater projects as well as high-speed internet projects throughout the state.