Water Asset Management

Long-running Love Canal suits scheduled for hearing in May

Long-pending lawsuits stemming from toxic waste contamination in Niagara Falls’ notorious Love Canal neighborhood have a new court date in May to determine whether 19 pending lawsuits should be heard.

Judge says officials must testify in Flint water civil trial

A judge ruled that former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and several other officials must testify in a civil trial involving contaminated water connected to the Flint water crisis.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas names new dealer for Central North Dakota

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas names West River Equipment as a new dealer for Central North Dakota.

Kentucky water district receives more than 400K in funding

A troubled Kentucky water district has been given more than $400,000 from the state for improvements and upgrades.

Chemicals found in well water near landfill

Officials in have found elevated levels of industrial chemicals and arsenic in well water near a Maine town's landfill.

Hawaii says water in Pearl Harbor homes is safe to drink

The Hawaii Department of Health said that the tap water in all residential areas served by the Navy’s Pearl Harbor water system is safe to drink.

Oregon reservation water treatment plant offline due to fire

The Warm Springs Indian Reservation in north central Oregon has issued an emergency water conservation notice after an underground fire shut the tribes’ water treatment plant.

California reduces supplies to water agencies amid drought

Water agencies in California will receive fewer supplies amid major droughts throughout the state.

Planned California reservoir on track for $2.2B federal loan

A long-delayed plan to build a giant reservoir in Northern California to help withstand droughts got a financial boost when the federal government signaled its intent to loan the project nearly $2.2 billion.

Indiana city plans cleanup of PCBs in tainted soil

The city of Kokomo drafted a plan to clean up contaminated soils that were discovered last year and stopped the expansion of the city's sewage treatment plant.

Maine water district says ex-employee locked accounts on exit

A former superintendent locked key systems and changed account information while he was leaving the water district.

Water main break in Flint prompts water conservation request

Residents of Flint are asked to cut back on water use due to a water main break.

Navy fuel leak prompts Honolulu plea for water conservation

Honolulu’s water utility asked nearly 400,000 Oahu residents to voluntarily cut their water use by 10% because the utility was forced to shut down three wells.

Los Angeles sues companies over toxic chemicals in waterways

The city of Los Angeles is suing three companies for waterway contamination.

EPA memo steers water money to disadvantaged communities

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a memo that ensures that water infrastructure investments will not bypass disadvantaged communities.

DOD shuts down Navy's leaking Hawaii fuel tank facility

The Department of Defense shuts down the Navy's fuel tank facility in Hawaii that leaked petroleum into a Pearl Harbor community's tap water.

Former Michigan Governor will take 5th if called to testify in water trial

Rick Snyder, former Michigan governor plans to plead the 5th in a trial involving liability for lead-contaminated water.

Vermont offers federal rescue funding for well, septic fixes

Vermont is providing more than $1 million in funding to help qualified homeowners with repairing or replacing failed or inadequate wells and septic systems.

EPA chief witnesses sewage problems in Alabama’s Black Belt

The administrator of the federal Environmental Protection Agency said he witnessed “unacceptable” problems with raw sewage fouling properties of residents of Alabama’s Black Belt.

Buried fuel tank found near chemical spill on Michigan river

A possibly century-old underground fuel oil tank was found near a southeastern Michigan river near a recent fuel spill.

Michigan task force looking at water infrastructure

A task force is looking to develop a sustainable water infrastructure system in southeastern Michigan.

Flint mayor during water crisis, to run again

Karen Weaver, the former mayor during the water crisis in Flint, is running again for mayor.

EPA confirms filters reduce lead in Michigan city’s water

An EPA study assures that lead-reducing water filters provided to Benton Harbor, Michigan residents work properly.

Water proposals trickle through Utah Statehouse in last days

Officials are advancing water proposals to preserve the Great Salt Lake, incentivize conservation and prepare for a hotter, drier future.

Water contaminations increase Native Hawaiians' distrust in military

After a Navy fuel tank contaminated the water supply for many Pearl Harbor residents, the incident triggered Native Hawaiians' increased distrust in the military.

California farmers face more water cuts

As droughts persist, central California farmers will be getting little to no water again from a key water system but the effects will vary.

Farm groups stymie reorganization of Kansas water programs

Kansas agriculture groups blocked a bipartisan proposal to tie a big increase in funding for water conservation programs to a reorganization of state and local agencies that regulate water use.

PSC approves WV water utility surcharge for improvements

West Virginia American Water’s request for a surcharge for infrastructure improvements has been approved by the state Public Service Commission.

Arizona releases plan to boost water supplies

The governor of Arizona releases a plan to create a state agency that will focus on boosting the water supply to secure the state's water future.

Even in water-rich Michigan, no guarantee of enough for all

High water demands could cause water shortages despite being near a major water source.