Water Asset Management

West Virginia panel approves water, sewer rate increase

Customers of West Virginia American Water Company will see a rate increase in water and sewer services.

Southeast Louisiana residents on boil water notice

St. John the Baptist Parish is on boil water notice due to a water main break.

Wisconsin officials adopt PFAS standards for drinking, surface waters

Officials adopted Wisconsin’s first limits on so-called “forever chemicals” in drinking and surface water.

Amid California droughts, US won't give water to farmers

Federal officials said they won’t deliver any water to farmers in California's major agricultural region which will force farmers to plant fewer crops.

Former Alabama water manager arrested on theft charges

A former manager of a Mobile-area water system was arrested on theft charges after authorities conducted a search amid allegations workers had used company money for lavish personal spending.

New Hampshire reaches $25M settlement with Monsanto over water pollution

New Hampshire reaches a settlement with Monsanto over widespread PCB pollution in waterways throughout the state.

U.S. Gov funds $1.7B for 16 tribal water settlements

The Biden administration will use $1.7 billion to fund 16 tribal water rights settlements, U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland announced.

Georgia governor awards $422M for water and sewer projects

The governor of Georgia awards $422 million from COVID-19 relief funds to focus on water and wastewater projects in rural areas.

Federal auditors probe EPA handling of city’s lead-tainted water

An investigation was announced of how the government handled lead contamination in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

New Jersey American Water launches interactive webpage to educate about lead service lines

New Jersey American Water launches an interactive map and webpage to help educate customers about lead service lines.

Michigan counties form water infrastructure partnership

Three Michigan counties near Detroit agreed to establish a group to tackle water infrastructure challenges.

Kentucky county’s troubled water district increasing rates

Frankfort county in Kentucky will be increasing water bills beginning in April.

Hercules introduces Shutout manhole lubricant, sealant

A new product called, Shutout, prevents inflow and lubricates manhole covers for easier removal.

Marijuana bill spurs water rights debate in arid New Mexico

A new bill causes debates over water rights requirements and the illegal use of water.

Mississippi replaces faulty water meters in Jackson

Jackson officials try to correct a problem with the water system by replacing the water meters.

Officials OK water in Hawaii neighborhood after leak

Water is safe to drink for residents of a Pearl Harbor neighborhood over two months after a leak from a Navy storage tank contaminated the area's water supply.

Indiana steel mill agrees to pay $3M, improve wastewater system

ArcelorMittal USA agrees to pay $3 million and improve the company's wastewater system more than two years after discharge killed fish and closed beaches.

IAEA reviews water release from damaged Japan nuclear plant

A team reviews Japan's plan to begin releasing treated radioactive water into the sea.

Kentucky receives $4M for water projects

Hardin County receives $4 million to upgrade aging water and wastewater systems.

Trial will test contractors' liability for Flint water crisis

Jury selection will begin for a trial to determine if engineering contractors bear responsibility for lead-contaminated water in Flint.

South Carolina Senate to discuss aid for water, fiber upgrades

The South Carolina Senate will debate how to allocate federal spending money with proposed spending for water, sewer, and broadband upgrades.

Austin’s water director resigns after another boil order

The water director in Austin, TX resigns after employee mistakes cause a boil water notice for three days.

EU slams plan to expand water use near Spain’s Doñana park

The European Union criticizes a plan to expand irrigation rights for farmers near wetlands in Spain because it will endanger wildlife in the area.

Nebraska regulators endorse $500M proposed Colorado canal

Regulators in Nebraska endorse a proposed canal in Colorado to increase water supply to the state's residents.

Water main break in Pennsylvania causes flooding and evacuations

A water main break in Philadelphia sent water gushing into the streets and some basements of the southwest section of the city.

Mississippi ex-employee pleads guilty to taking water payment money

A small-town Mississippi ex-employee pleads guilty to taking money from the town's water department.

A $65M settlement is approved for polluted water lawsuit

A New York judge approved a settlement with three companies over water supply contamination.

U.S. Navy faces poisonous leak crisis in Hawaii's water supply

Over 5,900 Hawaii residents, many who are military families, are sick due to a poisonous leak that was caused by a Navy fuel tank.

Biden solicitor swings mineral rights title back to tribes

A released memorandum states that the mineral rights under the original Missouri River riverbed belong to a North Dakota tribal nation.

Idaho plan seeks $300 million for water treatment systems

Idaho officials propose $300 million to upgrade drinking water and wastewater treatment systems across the state.