Water Asset Management

New Mexico governor appoints new water official

The governor of New Mexico has appointed a new water official to oversee water rights and serve as the secretary of the Interstate Stream Commission.

Port on Columbia River appeals $1.3M contamination fine

A port along the Columbia River is facing wastewater violations for contaminating groundwater.

Restoration crews face setbacks to restore Jackson water

Water restoration crews faced setbacks causing many Jackson residents to have little to no water pressure for more than a week.

US pushes for better tap water but must win over wary public

Many residents of Flint are still skeptical of water due to distrust in officials.

Alabama lawmakers approve $700M plan for relief funds

Lawmakers in Alabama have given the final approval for relief funds that will go toward broadband, water and sewer projects and healthcare reimbursements.

Jackson struggles with aging water system

Mississippi's capital city of Jackson faces unreliable water problems due to its aging water system.

EPA acts to curb air, water pollution in poor communities

The EPA announced enforcement actions to address air pollution, unsafe drinking water and other problems afflicting minority communities in three Gulf Coast states.

Kentucky receives $19M for water, sewer projects

Northern Kentucky receives $19M for water, sewer projects.

A Minnesota court offers mixed views on water permit for mine

A Minnesota appeals court issued a mixed opinion in a complicated case contesting one of the key permits that a St. Paul-based company needs to build what would be the state’s first copper-nickel mine.

Justices to weigh limits on reach of Clean Water Act

The Supreme Court considers reining in federal regulation of private property under the Clean Water Act.

More fields could go unplanted under New Mexico water plan

A New Mexico water plan to fund farmers to not plant crops in order to protect the water supply.

Senators withheld approval of $600M for water projects

Despite water project funding support, South Dakota senators withheld approval to vet the proposal further.

Native American tribe, New Mexico ink water leasing deal

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A Native American tribe has agreed to lease more of its water to help address dwindling supplies in the Colorado River Basin, officials announced Thursday. The agreement involves the Jicarilla Apache Nation, the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission and The Nature Conserv..

New Jersey announces plan for $1B on water infrastructure

New Jersey unveiled initial plans for $1 billion in federal funds for new drinking and wastewater infrastructure over the next five years.

Residents of a wealthy LA enclave face harsher penalties for wasting water

Residents of a wealthy enclave near Los Angeles may face limited water flow to households that do not follow water restrictions.

Port on Columbia River fined $1.3M over wastewater violations

The Port of Morrow was fined for over-applying agricultural wastewater on nearby farms causing high levels of groundwater nitrates.

Water line lead removal continues for Michigan city

Work on Benton Harbor water lines continues to make all water lines lead-free.

Colorado's governor plans to protect state's water rights

The Colorado governor has stated that he plans to "protect and aggressively assert" the state's water rights after Nebraska's governor released project plans that will impact the South Platte Compact.

Some water projects escape tightened federal protections

The U.S. government is working to strengthen oversight of water projects that were previously loosened by the Trump administration.

EPA moves to crack down on dangerous coal ash storage ponds

The Environmental Protection Agency is ordering utilities to stop dumping waste into unlined storage ponds and speed up plans to close leaking or otherwise dangerous coal ash sites.

US Navy complies to drain tank system blamed for tainted water

The US Navy is defuling tanks after they were linked to contaminating drinking water.

Flint water criminal cases move slowly in court

The prosecution of nine people is slowed down by disputes over millions of documents and even whether some cases were filed in the proper court.

Judge: Lawsuit can proceed against Flint water contractor

A judge on Jan. 10 refused to dismiss a lawsuit against an engineering company, which is accused of not doing enough to stop the flow of lead-contaminated water in Flint in 2015.

Nebraska announces $500M plan to claim water from Colorado

Nebraska governor announces a plan to divert water from Colorado by building canals.

Louisiana city installs automated water meters

The city of Lake Charles is installing new automated water meters to improve accuracy and efficiency for water bill readings.

Environmental groups file complaint over lead pipes

Environmental groups file a civil rights complaint stating that lead pipe replacement work disproportionately increases the risk of lead exposure for residents of color.

Complaints made over utility management of Hebgen Lake, dam

Mismanagement of dam water led to complaints and potential harming of brown trout.

Phoenix Water Services won't resume water shut offs

Due to rising covid cases, Phoenix Water Services will not resume shut offs to past due accounts.

US agencies investigate Navy fuel leak’s effect on civilians

Health officials are investigating how civilians were affected by a petroleum leakage into Pearl Harbor's tap water.

Droughts continue as California adopts water restrictions

Californians will face mandatory restrictions on water use as the state faces severe droughts and voluntary restrictions are not followed.