Water Inspection

Hawaii: Fuel Odor in Navy Water Prompts Over 100 Complaints

Water sample tests from the Navy’s water system at Pearl Harbor have so far been inconclusive after it received more than 100 complaints about fuel-like odor coming from tap water in the area.

Illinois Community Hopes for Federal Help with Flooding Woes

An Illinois community hopes that the federal infrastructure bill will help improve flooding and sewage issues in the area.

Officials: Unsafe Levels of Chemical Found in Town’s Water

Water tests in Pittsboro, North Carolina show high levels of unsafe chemicals in the town's water system.

As Cities Grow, Wastewater Recycling Gets Another Look

More cities are looking into ways to recycle wastewater.

Lawsuit Over Benton Harbor Water Seeks Class-Action Status

Michigan and local officials have been targeted in a lawsuit over high levels of lead in Benton Harbor’s drinking water.

Michigan City with Lead in Water Ordered to Fix Water Plant

A Michigan city urges residents to not drink tap water due to high levels of lead found at the water plant.

South Carolina Governor Suggest $500M in Virus Money for Water, Sewer Work

South Carolina’s governor wants to put $500 million of federal COVID-19 relief money toward fixing and improving water systems across the state, with priority given to rural and smaller systems.

Michigan Official: Benton Harbor Water Woes ‘Inexcusable’

Michigan officials defended the Benton Harbor lead crisis response saying that they began work on city water pipes in 2019.

3M, Alabama Communities Reach $98M Pollution Settlement

A settlement has been reached for the contamination of a chemical plant.

Michigan City Declares Emergency Over Lead; Governor Visits

Michigan governor visits Benton Harbor and declares emergency over lead-contaminated water.

In South Texas, Aging Water System Meets Growing Population

Aging water systems in South Texas may not hold up against the area's growing population.

EPA Unveils Strategy to Regulate Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’

The EPA announced a new strategy to restrict PFAS into the environment.

Michigan Governor Orders Urgent Response to Lead Crisis

The governor of Michigan orders government response to high levels of lead found in Benton Harbor tap water.

Vermont Says Waterway Bacteria Blooms Continue into Fall

Health officials warn that bacteria blooms in Vermont are still present in the state's waterways.

Forest Service Seeks to Pinpoint Hanging Lake Headwaters

The U.S. Forest Service and scientific consultants have conducted a study on the groundwater in the Glenwood Canyon.

Water Main Break Sparks Concern About Wichita’s Aging Pipes

A water main break caused a boil water advisory for thousands of Wichita residents and demonstrates concern over aging infrastructure.

Boil Water Order Ends In Wichita

A boil water order in Kansas' largest city has ended after a large main break affected the city's water.

UN Report Warns of Global Water Crisis Amid Climate Change

The United Nations reports that natural disasters are expected to worsen due to climate change.

City in Michigan Urged to Use Bottled Water Due to Lead Risk

Benton Harbor residents were told by the state to only used bottled water for cooking and drinking because of high levels of lead in the water system.

New Hampshire Town Receives $750k to Clean Wastewater Facility

Colebrook gets $750,000 to clean out its wastewater treatment facility for the first time in over 20 years.

Human-Made Chemicals Found in Cape Cod Waters

Chemicals that are human-made have contaminated Cape Cod's clean water supply.

NW Indiana Water Facility Restarts After US Steel Discharge

A wastewater treatment facility opened back up after closure due to wastewater discharge.

NY Plastics Plant Settles Claim Over Polluted Drinking Water

A settlement was reached for a New York plastics plant that knowingly polluted well water chemicals.

California Regulators Warn of Dry Reservoirs, Restrictions

California regulators say water agencies may not be able to get water for the reservoirs until next year.

EPA: Water Samples From Plant Discharge Show No Health Risks

The EPA reports that wastewater samples from an Indiana steel plant show no risk to public health.

Defunct Biogas Plant to Pay $1.1M for Environmental Breaches

A defunct biogas plant has agreed to pay a settlement for environmental rule violations.

US Steel Shuts Down Indiana Plant After Wastewater Discharge

US Steel has temporarily shut down operations at an Indiana plant after it leaked wastewater discharge.

Lead Prompts Michigan to Provide Water, Filters to Benton Harbor

The state of Michigan is providing water and filters to the community of Benton Harbor after tests revealed high levels of lead in the water system.

New Mexico Droughts Test Centuries-Old Water Traditions

Traditions surrounding water irrigation systems in New Mexico are challenged by severe droughts.

Low Water Levels Can Impact Missouri River Access

A drop in Missouri River water levels may be as low as 2 feet in the coming weeks.

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