Water Rehabilitation

Ukraine lays out $750 billion postwar 'recovery plan' to restore water pipes, gas lines

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday laid out a $750 billion recovery plan for postwar reconstruction which will be used to rebuild water pipes, gas lines and other battered infrastructure.

KUB continues investment in East Tennessee water, sewer, natural gas, and fiber optic infrastructure

As infrastructure across the U.S. ages and communities begin to feel the impact, Knoxville Utilities Board continues what it started 15 years ago to ensure its safe and reliable utility services do not suffer as a result of aging infrastructure.

Boston commissioners advance $150 million sewer separation project

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission has advanced the next phase of the East Boston Sewer Separation project, involving separating approximately 230 acres of combined sewer area, along with installing new storm drains, updating existing sewers, replacing adjacent aging water mains, and modifying existing regulator structures.

EPA opens $18 million fund for technical assistance for rural, tribal wastewater improvements

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced up to $18 million in available federal funding to build the pipeline of Technical Assistance providers that can serve rural, small and tribal municipalities through the Clean Water Act Prevention, Reduction, and Elimination of Pollution Grant Program.

Michigan officials to request $12 million loan to upgrade water infrastructure in Flint

The Flint Department of Public Works plans to request roughly $12 million in funding to upgrade the city’s water supply infrastructure, news station WEYI-TV reported on Wednesday.

Stantec secures contract to upgrade water treatment plant in Canada

Stantec has received a contract for engineering during construction and commissioning portions of the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant Renewal Project in Saskatchewan, Canada, the company said on Thursday.

Missouri city to have lead water pipes removed, once they are located

Officials believe adding monochloramine to Trenton, Missouri’s drinking water in 2014 corroded old lead pipes. By the next time the city was required to test for lead in the water in 2017, dangerous amounts were detected.

Louisiana congressmen seek more time to use Orleans Katrina infrastructure aid

Members of Congress from Louisiana are calling for federal officials to extend deadlines for spending Hurricane Katrina recovery funds on New Orleans road and water infrastructure projects.

Yellowstone road, bridge rehabilitation following floods to cost over $1 billion

Floodwaters wiped out numerous bridges, washed out miles of roads and closed Yellowstone Park last week with the scope of damage being tallied at upwards of $1 billion to rebuild in the environmentally sensitive landscape, according to officials.

Northwest Pipe Company to develop transmission pipeline for Utah water project

Northwest Pipe Company has been selected to design and develop 12,200 feet of pipe for the Salem Reach 1 of the Spanish Fork Santaquin pipeline project, which will deliver water to the ten rural communities in southern Utah.

EPA reveals $6.5 billion in funding available for water infrastructure projects

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the 2022 notices of funding availability for the agency’s Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, which will provide up to $6.5 billion in total funding to support $13 billion in water infrastructure projects while creating more than 40,000 jobs.

$7 billion federal loan program brightens future for aging US dams

Eight years after Congress created the program, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking a first step toward offering more than $7 billion of federally backed loans to repair aging dams owned by states, local governments and private entities across the U.S.

House passes $25.3 billion bill to fund water protection, restoration projects

The U.S. House of Representatives have approved an infrastructure bill that will provide $25.3 billion to 22 Army Corps of Engineers to fund storm and flood protection, ecological restoration, harbor dredging and other projects around the country.

Plan to remove and restore Snake River dams deemed too costly

U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, unveiled a plan last year to breach the four giant hydroelectric dams on the lower Snake River in Washington state at a cost of $1.4 billion to preserve endangered salmon runs, but finding other ways to provide electricity could cost up to $27.2 billion.

Public water utilities say Senate bill will force up rates

Legislation criticized by opponents as a vehicle for-profit water companies to take over municipal water authorities in Pennsylvania by imposing expensive regulations on them passed the Republican-controlled state Senate on Tuesday.

Pipeline rupture in Tempe, Ariz. reveals larger water infrastructure issue

Thousands of homes in Tempe, Arizona, could be facing critically-deteriorated sewage pipes underneath them, which was exposed by a recent pipe rupture that spilled around 8 million gallons of water and closed a major Phoenix-area highway, 12 News reported.

New Jersey receives record 679 requests for water infrastructure improvement projects

The state of New Jersey has received a total of 679 requests totaling nearly $7 billion for necessary water quality improvements and other public-health protection projects, according to its Water Infrastructure Improvement Plan that was released last week.

Des Moines, Iowa utility tries cooperation to reduce farm runoff

A Des Moines utility has for years engaged in a bitter struggle to clean up drinking water that comes from rivers teeming with agricultural pollutants, filing lawsuits, proposing legislation and even public shaming to try to force farmers to reduce runoff from their fields.

Utah getting $70 million of federal funding for water infrastructure repairs

Many dams, aqueducts, water treatment plants and canals in Utah are getting so old that their ability to supply available water is compromised.

Illinois American Water investing over $1 million to upgrade Lincoln water mains

Illinois American Water is investing over $1 million to replace approximately 4,800 feet of water main in the Lincoln water system.

Williamson County, Texas, designates $72.5 million for water infrastructure improvements

Williamson County, Texas, officials will use most of its federal Coronavirus relief money to improve water and wastewater infrastructure in various cities.

EPA, NJ announce $588M in water infrastructure spending

More than half a billion dollars in federal and state funds will go to nearly 30 water systems in New Jersey, serving about 6 million residents, or about two-thirds of the state’s population, officials said Friday.

EPA to award $21.7 million in grants to support clean, safe water for rural communities

The EPA announced its selection of technical assistance providers to receive $21.7 million in grant funding to support drinking water and wastewater systems that serve small and rural communities.

Missouri American Water highlights $400 million of planned infrastructure upgrades

In celebration of National Infrastructure Week, Missouri American Water is highlighting its planned investment of approximately $400 million in water and wastewater system upgrades across the state this year.

Six months in, Biden's infrastructure plan has 4,300 projects

The law contains money to expand internet access and replace lead water pipes and for rail and public transit projects and investments to address climate change.

California Coastal Commission unanimously rejects bid for $1.4B desalination plant

The California Coastal Commission on Thursday voted unanimously against approving a permit for the Poseidon Water desalination facility in Huntington Beach.

Los Angeles wastewater tunnel project receives $441 million EPA loan

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $441 million loan to Los Angeles County to replace a pair of aging wastewater tunnels that are at risk of failure during severe storms and earthquakes.

Sacramento gets $3.5 million federal funding for stormwater projects

Sacramento, Calif., will get $3.5 million in federal funding to help pay for underground reservoirs to harden parts of the combined storm and sewage system within the city’s aging underground infrastructure.

Federal government funding $240 million of water infrastructure repair projects

The Department of the Interior announced that $240.4 million of funding from the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will go toward 46 projects in 11 states to repair water delivery systems.

VINCI Construction to restore road, improve drainage, wastewater in West Africa

VINCI Construction has been selected to restore 93-km (58 miles) of the Coastal Road located between Dabou and Grand Lahou, which connects the country’s two main port cities — Abidjan and San Pedro. The restoration is expected to improve the drainage and wastewater network to reduce the risk of flooding.