Florida city prepares to undergo $20 million expansion of water, sewage utility network

(UC) — The city of Tallahassee wants to begin planning the expansion of water and sewage utility services to Southside neighborhoods. Planning, according to the City Commission, would cost $2 million. The total undertaking is anticipated to cost around $20 million and take three years to finish.

Florida governor invests nearly $5 million to support water infrastructure upgrades

(UC) — Governor Ron DeSantis announced $4.9 million in infrastructure investments last Thursday to eight rural Northwest Florida communities through the Rural Infrastructure Fund (RIF) program. Awards include upgrading water and wastewater utilities, constructing public roadways and public building renovations.

Unclear whether post-Sandy repairs will be enough for the next big storm

After Superstorm Sandy struck the northeast U.S. in 2012, an unprecedented effort began to fortify the densely populated coastline against the next big storm. Then, last year, the region learned that even all those precautions might not be enough in an age of more powerful storms.

Mississippi water investigations said to test Biden racial equity pledge

Federal investigations into public spending on the failing water system in Mississippi’s majority-Black capital city are a test of President Joe Biden’s commitment to racial equity, one of his congressional allies told hundreds of people at a town hall meeting hosted by the NAACP.

US Justice Department sues Idaho city over water pollution

The federal government is suing a small Idaho town near Grand Teton National Park for dumping toxic waste from its sewage treatment plant into a stream that feeds several scenic rivers in the region.

EPA civil rights case targets Mississippi over Jackson water

The federal government is investigating whether Mississippi state agencies discriminated against the state’s majority-Black capital city by refusing to fund improvements for its failing water system.

Colorado OKs reusing wastewater for drinking, creating new supply

Colorado’s water quality agency gave unanimous preliminary approval to regulate direct potable reuse — the process of treating sewage and sending it directly to taps without first being dispersed in a larger water body.

Pennsylvania allocates $236 million to 15 counties for water infrastructure renovations

(UC) — Governor Tom Wolf announced the investment of $236 million for 23 drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and non-point source projects across 15 counties through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

Worker admits dumping raw industrial waste into Jackson water system

An employee of a Mississippi wastewater hauling company pleaded guilty in federal court for his part in illegally discharging industrial waste into the capital city’s sewer system.

Artificial Intelligence Speeds Houston’s Sewer Inspections Under Sharp Eye of EPA

(UC) — Working with California-based Sewer AI, through engineering and consulting firm HR Green, Houston has made artificial intelligence a core piece of its inspection and repair workflow since 2021 – the same year a federal judge approved its agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its co-plaintiffs, including the state commission that administers the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).

Pennsylvania approves use of $320 million in funding for water and sewer projects

(UC) – According to Senator Lisa Baker, the General Assembly approved use of $320 million to help communities across the commonwealth improve the reliability and quality of their water systems. A total of $214.4 million was directed to the H2O grant program and $105.6 million was directed to the Small Water and Sewer grant program.

EPA awards $30 million to disadvantage schools, communities to reduce lead in drinking water

(UC) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced projects that have been selected to receive over $30 million in grant funding, which will help make rapid progress in the Biden-Harris administration's goal of addressing lead and removing lead pipes across the country.

New York distributes $31.3 million to six municipalities for water infrastructure upgrades

(UC) — New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced that six municipalities will receive $31.3 million in financial assistance for critical water infrastructure improvements that are crucial to protecting public health and the environment.

Vermont town employee quietly lowered fluoride in water for years

Residents of a small community in Vermont were blindsided by news that one official in their water department quietly lowered fluoride levels years ago, giving rise to worries about their children’s dental health and highlighting the enduring misinformation around water fluoridation.

New Jersey American Water invests $10 million to upgrade water lines in Middletown

(UC) — The $10 million Middletown investment project by New Jersey American Water will replace the deteriorating cast-iron water lines that were put in place as far back as the 1930s with new ductile iron main, the Camden-based utility announced on Oct. 7.

Ex-Michigan governor asks court to drop Flint water charges

Lawyers for former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder urged a judge Tuesday to dismiss misdemeanor charges related to the Flint water crisis, a week after another judge took that step with seven other former officials.

27 municipalities selected to participate in NY clean water infrastructure program

(UC) — Governor Kathy Hochul has selected 27 municipalities to participate in a program in New York that will help develop asset management programs to evaluate, monitor, protect, and responsibly plan upgrades for wastewater infrastructure facilities.

How to steer money for drinking water, sewer upgrades to disadvantaged communities

Recent events in Jackson and Florida show how natural disasters can overwhelm water systems, especially older networks that have been declining for years. As climate change amplifies storms and flooding, investing in water systems is a priority for public health and environmental justice across the U.S.

Ann Arbor sends partially treated wastewater into Huron River

The City of Ann Arbor says an estimated 1.38 million gallons (5.2 million liters) of partially treated wastewater flowed into the Huron River during maintenance at its treatment plant.

Judge tosses charges against 7 people in Flint water crisis

A Michigan judge dismissed charges Tuesday against seven people in the Flint water scandal, including two former state health officials blamed for deaths from Legionnaires' disease.

South Dakota natural resources department to provide $167 million for infrastructure projects

(UC) — A new drinking water well, connection piping, sanitary sewer repairs and water line replacements are among the projects that will be funded by $167.2 million in grants and loans from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Aging infrastructure led to E. coli in Baltimore water

Aging infrastructure contributed to an E. coli contamination of the city of Baltimore’s water system in early September, officials said last week.

EPA awards New Mexico $26 Million to repair water infrastructure

(UC) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced more than $26 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to the New Mexico Environment Department and the New Mexico Finance Authority for water infrastructure improvements.

Ohio governor announces $2.5 million in funding for water infrastructure upgrades

(UC) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio EPA Director Laurie A. Stevenson announced that $2.5 million in H2Ohio grants will go to four local communities to help improve drinking water quality and to repair or replace aging water and wastewater infrastructure.

Officials find several violations of lead in water pipe systems throughout Jackson, Mississippi

Officials in Mississippi’s capital city said Wednesday that workers have found lead in water pipes at 16 buildings out of nearly 24,000 checked so far — the latest indication of problems in Jackson’s long-troubled water system.

New York governor kicks off construction on $11 million wastewater treatment project

(UC) — New York Governor Kathy Hochul has commenced construction on an $11 million wastewater collection and treatment facilities improvement project in St. Lawrence County, New York.

Study finds 220-mile gas pipeline ready to be converted into water transport system

(UC) — The study identified practical off-take locations, pumping stations, cleaning, retrofitting and other improvements that will enable the pipeline to be pressurized and convey approximately 25,000 acre-feet of water per year (AFY) uphill from Cadiz to Barstow on its way to the State Water Project, and approximately 30,000 AFY downhill into Cadiz for storage.

North Carolina investing $13.2 million to create water distribution system

(UC) — This investment will provide Sampson County with $13.2 million to design and construct a new public water supply system in the Ivanhoe area. The water supply system will create 40 miles of new water lines, connect over 350 homes and includes the connection fees for each home.

Jackson’s water system at the mercy of political spending rhetoric

Years before people in Jackson were recently left without running water for several days, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves claimed to have helped block money to fund water system repairs in the capital city.

EPA preparing plan to help fix Jackson's water system

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan returned to Mississippi's capital city Monday to meet with Jackson officials about the city's troubled water system.